Common Sense

Cavuto: Better late than ever to donate to ALS Association

Neil responds to Ann Romney's Ice Bucket Challenge


It's called the Ice Bucket Challenge and for ALS, there's a lot of cold cash in those cold buckets.

But who knew I would get caught up in money-raising mania and from of all people Ann Romney--have a look.


Ann Romney: I accept your challenge to help raise awareness about this devastating disease. My good friends Diane Sawyer and Neil Cavuto and Jan Ebeling you have 24 hours to complete this challenge or donate $100 to the cause. Here it comes...


Well, Ann, I'm very sorry I missed your challenge when I was away last week and I know I've exceeded the 24 hour deadline to respond.

But I figure better late than never.

Now, I know this is going to disappoint some of you, including you, Ann.

But I'm making a donation and not doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

I didn't want to mess my perfect hair.

And I didn't want to mess up my expensive suit.

Ann, that might suit your hubby just fine but let's just say Mitt ain't me.


Mitt Romney: Tonight I have a little help from one of my is cold.


Really, Governor?

Not me, Governor.

You're not going to see me destroy this polyester masterpiece.

After all, I'm a highly respected anchor.

Let's just say it suits me staying dry.