Grapevine: Slip of the finger by the FBI?

Typos leading to intel violations?


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Long and Winding Road

You've heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Well, we've got a highway for you tonight.

The New Markets Tax Credit program was created in 2000 to spur private investment in low-income communities.

But the Congressional Research Service says the government uses such a broad definition of poor communities that even Beverly Hills and the Hamptons can qualify.

Naturally, some people have a problem with that including Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn who published some of the more egregious projects.

Nearly a billion dollars worth of tax credits went to hotels including luxury resorts like this one the Big Splash Hotel and Water Park in Indiana.

And a wellness center in California spent $65,000 on this sculpture.

The center was designed to help underserved populations and now may have to close because of budget shortfalls.

Coburn summed up his frustration -- quote -- "When government picks winners and losers, the losers usually end up being taxpayers."

Slip of the Finger

Well, typos can be problematic, embarrassing, and apparently lead to intelligence violations.

The Justice Department inspector general says the FBI has unintentionally spied on the wrong people a lot because of people not minding their p's and q's.

Quote -- "Potential intelligence violations resulting from typographical errors that cause the FBI to request and, in some instances receive, the information of someone other than the intended target."

Such mistakes accounted for nearly a quarter of violations between 2008 and 2009.

Build It & They Won't Come

Finally, your federal government has decided to help build the long awaited border fence...in Ukraine.

More than $400,000 has been allocated for razor wire to -- quote -- "defend the newly imposed borders between Ukraine's mainland and the Crimean Peninsula and to strengthen Ukraine's eastern border."

That spending is not sitting well with some.

One lawmaker tweeted -- quote -- "So Obama can give money to Ukraine to build a border fence...but can't find the money to do that here? #Unacceptable."