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Larry King: You will not see Robin Williams' kind in this life again

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a Fox News alert: The entertainment world and movie fans across the country in shock tonight over the sudden death of actor Robin Williams. And joining us now Larry King.

Larry, you know everybody, you've known everybody, and you knew Robin Williams, even entertained with him in San Francisco. Your thoughts tonight?

LARRY KING, TV AND RADIO HOST: I knew Robin quiet well. I -- we did charity events together in San Francisco. ... I interviewed him quite a few times on CNN and also on my old radio show. Spent some time with him. He was, in addition to being very, very funny, he was a very wonderful, caring person - a very giving person. He was, what they might say in Hollywood, every kind of man.

And he took his craft seriously, but he had a wonderful air about him. Very hard to -- he is the kind of guy you will not see in this life again. He was -- Jonathan Winters was his hero. They exchanged phone messages together. Call Robin Williams phone, and you got hysterical messages that he would leave. Similar what Jonathan Winters used to do. And he put Jonathan Winters on his old show, Mork and Mindy. Jonathan is the newborn baby from outer space.

And a very creative mind - he was also one hell of an actor. Not many people who are that funny are also very serious as actors. He was a very, very serious actor. Wonderful man. We don't understand the pressure. We learn about it all the time. Very hard, Greta, to imagine someone that successful to be that depressed - almost incomprehensible.

VAN SUSTEREN: Larry, I wonder if he knows that with his death that he would affect us all so profoundly. That, you know, we all feel -- that so many people feel sadness tonight.

KING: I don't think you think about it. I didn't think about that at all. Your loss, depression, you don't think -- obviously you think about your wife and family, the public. No you are so -- I can't imagine being that low that you would take your own life in the way of asphyxiation. My God.

VAN SUSTEREN: Larry, I got to go. It's always wonderful to hear from you. And I -- even it's on a horrible night. Thank you, Larry.

KING: Thank you, Greta.