Grapevine: Cable news host compares Gaza to 9/11

Analogy by MSNBC's Joy Reid gets 'mostly false' rating from PolitiFact


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Apples and Oranges?

An analogy by a cable news host -- between Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza -- and the 9/11 terror attacks -- has both statisticians and ethicists shaking their heads.

MSNBC's Joy Reid says the 1,800 Palestinians killed -- is quote -- "the population equivalent of 100 9/11s."

Politifact noted that Reid's napkin math is straight-forward -- but the notion is misleading for a host of reasons.

The major ones:

-9/11s are of course not a unit of measure.

-There are measurable and moral differences between the terror attacks and the Israeli-Palestinian war.

-And while looking at deaths as a percentage of population can be useful -- the numbers here are too small to be meaningful.

Politifact's ruling?

Quote -- "Reid's statement contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression. We rate her claim Mostly False."

The Setup

Who says Democrats and Republicans can't get along?


Bipartisanship is not just a punch line in the Senate.
Even raising the specter of cooperation now merits scorn.

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has sent a cease-and-desist letter to her Democratic counterpart -- Mark Begich -- over this image in a campaign ad -- that shows the two smiling together -- and highlights the fact that they've voted the same 80 percent of the time.

Mediaite points out that the image is legal -- as it's from the Associated Press -- and the Alaska Senators do cross party lines more than most mixed delegations.

Murkowski contends the ad is factually incorrect -- and implies her support over her objections.

Wait for It

Finally -- a Friday follow -- we've told you before that President Obama is often late.

It is worth noting that last night -- he was actually perfectly on-time -- for his brief statement on Iraq.
In general -- though -- the president's tardiness has approached legendary status.

The Washington Post felt compelled to run the numbers after waiting more than an an hour for an event Wednesday.

It says -- President Obama has kept the media and others waiting for 35 hours -- 21 minutes -- almost a day and a half -- so far in 2014.