Truth Serum: Rand Paul and Simon Rosenberg

Eric Shawn and Molly Line break down whether statements made by public figures are truth or spin


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O'REILLY: Tonight we introduce a brand new segment called "Truth Serum" where we take statements made by public figures and evaluate accuracy.

We begin, with Senator Rand Paul who in 2011 talked about aid to Israel.


PAUL: I don't think funding both sides of an arm race particularly when we've got to borrow the money from China to send it to someone else, we just can't do it anymore. The debt is all-consuming and it threatens our well-being as a country.

BLITZER: All right, so just to be precise, end all foreign aid including the aid to Israel as well, is that right?

PAUL: Yes.


O'REILLY: That sounds pretty definite, does it not? However when asked yesterday about aid to Israel, the Senator said this --


PAUL: I think the print headlines saying Rand Paul wants to end aid to Israel just not true and inappropriate and really doesn't represent the truth.


O'REILLY: All right. Here now to help us out with the "Truth Serum" segment Fox News correspondents, Eric Shawn and Molly Line. All right Molly Line, here's your big moment now. It looks like Senator Paul is not being up front. What's the deal?

MOLLY LINE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: This is really interesting. He is tapping around a little. Kind of doing a dance here when asked directly if he's changed his position as far as if he's ever tried to cut aid to Israel.

Here's what he said. This is how he words things. He's saying that he never had a legislative proposal to do that. The problem is he's talked about it out loud as we saw on camera --

O'REILLY: Right.

LINE: -- in the past.

So here's the truth. He has advocated for cutting aid to Israel but hew hasn't singled Israel out. What he's done in the past is advocating cutting all foreign aid. Remember, he was elected 2011, he gets in office. He was a big favorite of the Tea Party.

O'REILLY: Ok, so he wants all across the board foreign aid because of the debt and he says it's not just Israel.

LINE: Right, exactly. That's what he's argued for in the past. Of course, positions, things happen. It was an ambitious (AUDIO GAP) the budget balanced in five years or so. Pretty ambitious.

O'REILLY: Right, right.

LINE: Of course, noting that the country's carrying this enormous debt, however, since that time in other budget proposals he's made he has advocated for aid for Israel to the tune of up to $5 billion in some cases. He did give us a statement here, once again, saying that he never proposed any legislation.

O'REILLY: Yes, but I mean -- that's a dodge because I mean how many people would propose legislation on specific --

LINE: And they like to point out that most recently they've attempted several times this year to pass something called the Stand with Israel Act, a bill --

O'REILLY: Let's just be polite and say he may have changed his mind.

LINE: Right.

O'REILLY: He's not as tough as he was in 2011. I think that's fair.

All right. Good -- thank you.

All right. Now, we had a discussion last week about the border and how porous the border is and in that discussion, Simon Rosenberg, a smart guy, said, hey, O'Reilly, you're a pinhead because there really isn't an uptick in people crossing the border. Roll the tape.


SIMON ROSENBERG, NEW DEMOCRAT NETWORK PRESIDENT: Let's be clear about the flow, right? Under bill Clinton it was 600,000 a year. Under George Bush it was 400,000. Under Barack Obama it's down to zero. The flow of undocumented immigrants into the United States has gone to zero way down from when Mr. Sweet was in office with --

O'REILLY: What do you mean zero? I mean there are millions of people coming in here --

ROSENBERG: It's the net flow -- no, that's wrong. That's simply wrong.


O'REILLY: All right. Eric Shawn, what's the truth?

ERIC SHAWN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: It's cockamamie. I mean you called him out. It's not true, of course. Look at the facts. He cited the Pew Center, very distinguished, reputable organization. The Pew Center says that in 2008 there were 11.7 million illegals in America and in 2012, same number. But what he doesn't point is Barack Obama wasn't president in 2008. It was George W. Bush.

So in 2009, the first year of President Obama's administration, there were 11.3 million illegal immigrants. So that means, Bill, there's really an increase of 400,000 and that doesn't even include the last three years.

O'REILLY: Ok. We don't have stats for the last three years.

SHAWN: For '13 and '14 we don't have stats but you've got this explosion on the southern border so you know there are more coming in.

O'REILLY: All right. so we don't know now and the left is claiming, look, the border is secure because it's pretty much the same under Bush and Obama but the economy set a lot of people back. But now the flow is upticking in.

SHAWN: That's right.

O'REILLY: All right, so we're really not going to know how many are coming in under President Obama until the stats for '12, '13 and '14 roll in. That should be soon for '12 -- right.

SHAWN: Yes, by the end of the year but look at what's happening on the southern border. 57,000 of the young kids --

O'REILLY: About 100,000 in October -- that's the estimate now.

SHAWN: Yes. And there's a 500 percent increase just on the southern border.

O'REILLY: And you just saw our story with Dobbs that these guys are getting deported four times and they're coming back and the government is not prosecuting them as felons.

All right.

So that was good, right?

LINE: Yes, it was great.

O'REILLY: Was it fun?

We're going to do that every week if they behave. But thanks for coming in. I appreciate it.

SHAWN: Bill, thank you.

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