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Trump: Illegal immigration crisis is 'concerted effort' by Pres. Obama to bring more migrant children into the system because they become Democrats, vote Democrat

Uncut: 'The Donald' believes the border crisis is a 'concerted effort' by the president to bring more migrant children into the system because they become Democrats. Plus, Trump on his considering bidding for the NFL's Buffalo Bills and more


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: And Donald Trump joins us.

Nice to see you, Donald.


VAN SUSTEREN: So, Donald, you have been quoted as saying in essence the immigration crisis has to be some kind of concerted effort by President Obama to get migrant children into the system. Is that essentially a correct quote? If so, what do you mean by that?

TRUMP: Well, it must be because, frankly, nothing like this could happen. I mean, nobody can be that incompetent to allow what's happening to happen. So, it must be a concerted effort. There's no other way that you can think of it. And they come into the system and over a period of many years, they become Democrats and they vote for the Democrats. But this is a concerted effort because nobody is as incompetent as it's showing. People are flowing through Mexico. They are flowing through like crazy. I'm hearing stories where actually the parents come through in a different line all meet up in the United States and get plenty from the United States. It's a very serious problem. It's a horrible problem for children. But a very, very serious problem for this country, there's no question about it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you saying that President Obama is doing this to get a Democratic vote. And, if so, these are children. It's going to be like eight or 10 years before anyone would be of age, assuming they got citizenship. But it is an awful long vision. President Obama is not going to be elected again.

TRUMP: Well, it's not only children that are coming through. And we see the children. And the children, it's heartbreaking to watch what's going on. But it's also a lot of other people that are coming, coming for years. And it wouldn't be hard to stop. They're all coming through Mexico.

By the way, you can not become a citizen of Mexico if you are not already there. They have one of the toughest policies of anybody. So they just let them -- it's called the highway. Mexico is called the highway to the United States. All you have to do -- I mean, if we had the proper leadership, they would call or speak to Mexico and the leadership of Mexico and, believe me, it would stop quickly. We give Mexico so much in terms of economic development, in terms of jobs. We give tax abatement, if you open up in Mexico. It's ridiculous. But we give it. And with all that we give them, we can't even get our soldier, that you cover probably better than anybody, we can't even get our Marine out of prison and he is being beat to hell in Mexico prisons. He is the only one that can't get into the United States from Mexico.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, in light of the fact that immigration policy is supposed to be set on the national level, at least that's what the courts say and that's what the president says and everybody else says, do you think that the president of the United States should be headed off to Martha's Vineyard, the House and the Senate taking their five week vacation, when they have crisis that they themselves calls a humanitarian crisis, and they themselves caused themselves by not setting a policy, should they go on vacations when they have work?

TRUMP: Well, you have more than one problem in this country. This is one. This is a beauty. But you have many problems all over the world. And the United States is involved in many of them. Not any of them are getting solved. You look at what happened with the wealth of families when they are down 30, 35 percent from what they were many years ago. The family's wealth in this country is way down from what it was. You look at the things that are going on in the United States, and very soon we are not going to be a great country anymore. There are those that say we are not already. But you look at what's going on. And I would say a five-week vacation is a long time. I would say that if the country is in trouble, and it is in serious trouble, I guess you are supposed to be working.

VAN SUSTEREN: What do you make of Mayor Rahm Emanuel? He wants to expand the number to bring into Chicago, some of these children.

TRUMP: Well, it's -- again, it's the wrong signal. Look, I love Chicago as a city. Chicago is getting a very, very terrible rap. They have a lot of problems in Chicago with the guns and everything else. It's confined to certain sections. Nobody talks about that. Chicago is a city that I happen to have property, in Chicago. And I love Chicago. And it's really a great city in many ways. But it's going through a very big problem. I don't think this is sending out the right signal, absolutely. I would imagine he wished he didn't say it. It's wrong the time for him to be saying that, as the mayor of Chicago, unfortunately.