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Cavuto: Is Obama 'loyal and rational'?

Reaction to president's wish for Washington


"I would love nothing more than a loyal and rational opposition."

That's what the president says he wants to see in Washington. A loyal and rational opposition.

So what he's saying is the opposition right now is not loyal and is not rational.

Which means he is loyal and is rational.

So the opposition isn't rational when it pushes back, but you are, Mr. President, when you just push?

So you're being rational with your spending requests. The opposition's not being rational when it challenges your spending requests. I think that's how you played the last government shutdown and the media followed suit. The other guys were being stubborn wanting to stop spending; Democrats were not, wanting to continue spending.

So, it's rational to want to spend. It's irrational to not want to spend.

Just like it's rational to push immigration reform without enforcing the border. But it's irrational if the other side won't go along because you're not enforcing the border.

It's rational to call for billions more in infrastructure spending. But it's irrational for the other side to ask what did you do with the 125 billion bucks we fork over each year on infrastructure spending?

No, they're irrational, dare questioning this spending. You're not, dare adding to this spending?

So I guess you're loyal if you go along with this thinking and you're disloyal if you don't go along with this thinking?

Does that include being loyal to agencies that spy on Americans and don't explain why? Or keep veterans waiting years for care and don't seem to give a damn? Or target taxpayers for their political views and don't bother to explain?

You're irrational if you want to dig into that?

You're irrational if you think it's incomprehensible the IRS can just lose emails? You're irrational if you question raises being doled out like candy at the VA? You're irrational if you think half-trillion dollar deficits are still pretty bad? You're irrational if you insist on cooling spending so we don't make them worse?

Then we must have very different views on what's "rational" and who's "loyal." Because it's not irrational to question this idiotic behavior. It's idiotic thinking only irrational people do.