Off the Record

Greta: Senate Majority Leader Reid spends too much time at the podium with 'Woe is me' stuff, does not lead

'Off the Record,' 7/21/14: Our government is so messed up, senators can't even vote on a position they unanimously agree on. Blame this one on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid - who doesn't lead


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record." Tonight, the U.S. Senate is scrambling to cover its tracks, something they don't want you to know. Minutes ago, Michael Anderson Lawson was unanimously confirmed by the Senate. His job? U.S. Ambassador to the Council of International Aviation. That's the group that probes international plane crashes.

Lawson's nomination had been pending, languishing since May. But here is what is so deplorable: There was no vote until tonight, even though no Republican or any Democrat was against Lawson. So, what's gotten the hold up? Well, both parties have simply been jerks to each other, putting up barriers to a vote. Even though, they all wanted him. Rotten, isn't it? So, what finally provoked the vote tonight? Well, with the murder of 298 people at 33,000 feet puts a huge spotlight and not a good one on the fact that the Senate for only selfish political reasons had let this nomination just sit since May.

Now, as a politician, all they did was want to mess with each other's heads. That's why it's been sitting. So, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, what about him? Well, he deserves most not all for this dysfunctional senate. As Majority Leader, his job is to lead. He does not lead. He spends way too much time at the senate podium with all of his partisan "Woe is me" stuff.

Think about it, how you cannot lead and get a vote on an issue that everyone, Republicans and Democrats agree on? No wonder this country is such a mess. That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.