Israeli ground invasion of Gaza

Israeli ground troops invade Palestinian territory in the Gaza Strip to neutralize Hamas terrorists


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O'REILLY: Thanks for staying with us. I'm Bill O'Reilly.

In the "Unresolved Problems" segment tonight, earlier today, Israeli ground troops invaded Palestinian territory in the Gaza Strip, looking to neutralize Hamas terrorists. The action was furious.


JOHN HUDDY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: We're hearing more -- we're hearing tracers. We're seeing tracers coming off the coast. I don't know if you could see this.

But those are tracer fire. Those are -- that is -- that's cannon fire from the naval vessel offshore.


O'REILLY: All right, joining us now on the phone from Israel, David Lee Miller. And from Gaza City, John Huddy, whom you just heard. Both are Fox News Correspondents.

John, begin with you. How violent is the situation over --


-- there tonight.

HUDDY (via telephone): It's violent.


There has been a lot of heavy artillery fire, Bill. In fact, the shot that you're looking at, you see a building lit up in the foreground and the background where you see some light.

There were just two tremendous explosions, two heavy air strikes. Yes, right there.

We've also seen a lot of cannon fire directed at that location. And we just heard a little while ago, small arms fire, machine gun fire, which signals the fact that troops now are on the ground.

This is day 11 here in Gaza of Operation Protective Edge. And from day One, Bill, the objective for Israel, the Israeli Military, has been going after Hamas infrastructure, in particular tunnels, where the Hamas would use for the storage and transport of its rockets that have been fired now for the past 11 days.

And, Israel, we're just seeing more explosions in the distance. By the way, you're looking north from Gaza City, northward into Northern Gaza, and then beyond that, that's the Israeli border.


HUDDY: So, there's been a tremendous amount of air strikes, cannon fire, and small arms fire.

O'REILLY: David, do we have any idea --


-- how many ground troops from Israel have gone into Palestinian territory.

DAVID LEE MILLER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: No, that's not the type of thing that they would tell you. I can let you know though that --his.


-- some 48,000 -- excuse me, 58,000 reservists have already been called up. And, apparently, the decision was made a few days ago to do this.

The talk of a ceasefire in the last day was really just talk. It was diversion.

The cabinet here made a decision to go in. They have to get rid of these tunnels that John talked about.

You know, today, Bill, I actually went to the border. And I saw what's left of the infiltration tunnel.

Thirteen Hamas militants apparently made it as far as Israel. They Israelis saw them and then they fled back into the tunnel.

Some of them may have been killed. It's really not clear but that really affected a lot people here.

This was the first infiltration there has been from 2006. And, soon after this infiltration took place, there was a report of at least one other one.

People here are very much on edge, fearing that Hamas might make it across the border.

O'REILLY: Sure. And then you've got suicide bombers, you've got all kinds of things that can happen. We might tell everybody there is a big wall that prevents --


-- terrorists on the ground from getting into Israel. But the tunnels obviously go underneath.

Now, John, did you feel that you're in any danger there reporting, you know, had the helmet on.

And I should tell the audience, the reason we have the guys on the telephones in the middle of the night, and they've been working since the morning, so I wanted to give them a break and they can report from their rooms tonight.

Because you can't stark. And we have our cameras set up so you could see the explosions. Did you feel any danger, John, that you were in.

HUDDY: Well, I don't know if you just saw that. There was a -- there's a pretty serious explosion and there has been some -- looks like some cannon fire. And I had a tremendous concussion from that.

Did we feel that we're in danger, well, I mean, at certain points, it's been a while that we've been here, Bill. There had been a lot missile strikes in and around the location, so close that the building shakes.

A couple of days ago, when special ops team hit the ground here, there was tracer fire that went over our head.

I mean, we're afraid that we thought we're in a cross fire, so -- I mean, we're in a safe location at this point. But anytime things get that close, yes, --


HUDDY: -- you know, sure.

O'REILLY: And, David, you've been in these zones a long time. And you've been in the Middle East a long time, anything different about this.

MILLER: I've seen this twice before. It's sort of like Groundhog Day with rockets. But this is a country that has clearly been terrorized by what's taking place here.

Very quickly, I'll tell you something that I saw today that made a big impression on me. We were stuck in traffic. There was a terrible accident on the road.

We learned that it was a fatality. And then we further learned, Bill, the reason someone died is there was a warning that there was going to be a rocket attack.

This individual, as he's supposed to do, left his vehicle to seek some type of shelter. But in so doing, he got hit by a car and was killed. So, --

O'REILLY: That was an Israeli citizen? Yes, that was an Israeli citizen.

MILLER: An Israeli citizen, happening here in Southern Israel. It wasn't the rocket that killed him.

O'REILLY: Right.

MILLER: But it might just as well had been.

O'REILLY: With the circumstance. All right, gentlemen, thanks for your fine reporting today.


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