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Bill O'Reilly: Some very bad things happened in the world today

Talking Points 7/17


By Bill O'Reilly

Tonight, we'll have the latest on a savage display over the skies of Ukraine. Killers firing a missile at a civilian airliner, a Malaysian jet killing 298 people, that's just been updated. Possibly, including some Americans we may have more information on that during this hour. Also, Israel has sent ground troops into Palestinian territory to hunt down Hamas terrorists and their rocket arsenals, hundreds have been killed there. So, bad news breaking out all over the place tonight, and we will do the best to provide with you accurate reporting, not speculation. We begin with the jet liner. Malaysian air flight 17 in route from Amsterdam, Holland to Kuala Lumpur was shot out of the sky over Eastern Ukraine not far from the Russian border. Suspicion immediately fell on Ukrainian separatists who want part of that country to be annexed by Russia, because they had used missiles to bring down a cargo plane on Monday.

Of course, Vladimir Putin is supplying these heavy weapons to the terrorists so he is directly responsible. I bet you don't hear European leaders or President Obama say that but it's true. Russia is trying to undermine Ukraine and is giving weapons to killers. No question about it. So, over the next few days, you will hear the usual calls for investigations and meetings and talks and discussions. But little will happen to Putin. Because the west is essentially afraid of him and he knows it. Meantime, the families and friends of 298 human beings grieve tonight. Is Putin grieving? That's "The Memo."