Off the Record

Greta: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's 15 minutes of wasted time

'Off the Record,' 7/15/14: The Senate Majority leader spent 15 minutes blasting Boehner's proposed lawsuit against Obama, telling a Judge Judy joke. He could have spent some of that time on more pressing matters


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record" for a minute. Here is what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said yesterday on the Senate floor about the Republican's proposed, not filed, but proposed lawsuit against the president.


SEN. HARRY REID, SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: This is a phony trial that will come up. It's a show trial. It's what Republicans want. If that's really what they want, they should go talk to Judge Judy. I think she would throw this case out in half a second.


OK. Tha's sort of funny. TV judge, Judge Judy:


JUDGE JUDY, TV JUDGE: I'm already not liking. This you are not going to square it away with me. I don't care. Ridiculous.


I admit, I laughed. tHE Judge Judy crack is funny. But I will tell you what's not funny. And that is that, according to Politico, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spent 15 minutes on the Senate floor talking about that not even filed, but proposed, lawsuit. Fifteen minutes -- 15 minutes is a long time holding the Senate floor talking about something that has not happened. And if it does happen, it's not even his business. It's the court's business, not the Senate. So Reid's fussing about, it is just politics.

Reid should use that Senate time - minus maybe a minute for a joke, I do like jokes - but he should use that time to engage in debate on pressing matters. The crisis on our border. How to help our ally, Israel. Or maybe even talk about Afghanistan - It's falling apart. Just today at least 89 people killed in a suicide bombing.

So, while I can enjoy a good joke, and his was funny, Senator Reid's 15 other minutes on something that hasn't happened and which will not be resolved in the Senate but in the courts, is at best silly. And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.