Off the Record

Greta: We might pay $3.7 billion because Obama didn't do his job

'Off the Record,' 7/8/14: Pres. Obama wants nearly $4 billion to tackle the illegal immigration crisis because he and Congress have failed in bipartisan style to secure the border


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record" for just a minute. I am all for paying for emergencies and crises. And what is going on at the border is a terrible crisis. But when our politicians have not done their jobs, and for selfish and political reasons, it's absolutely disgraceful and even cruel.

Now President Obama deserves most of the blame. He is the president, the leader. He doesn't do his job. And it's not enough to say he had political resistance. That's just an excuse. Leaders don't run around making excuses and blaming everybody. They lead. And he has not.

And this crisis is not new, not a surprise. President Obama has known about this for years. Four years ago, he even gave a big immigration speech talking about it. I went to his speech. Lots of dazzling talk. He even had the gall to say then that the immigration crisis simmering then was due to a failure of those in Washington. Didn't he know he is Washington? So did he do anything about it? No.

Well, how about Congress? They didn't do anything either. Nothing. Congress could have helped. Instead, we had bipartisanship - bipartisan failure. That is pathetic.

Chances are, for our leaders, President Obama, if they really cared about the responsibilities to you, we would not be in this crisis mode now with a $3.7 billion price tag in an amount that could probably save Detroit.

By the way, what about that number $3.7 billion? Where did President Obama get it? A comprehensive study with careful cost estimates with competitive bids, or just out of a hat? I know what I think.

And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.