Grapevine: Veteran's widow finally hears from the VA

Hospital offers appointment two years after Vietnam vet's death


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Personal Touch

The Veterans Affairs backlog is often seen as a political scandal -- but for some families affected it is very personal.

Suzanne Chase received a letter from a VA hospital -- two weeks ago-- saying an appointment could now be made for her husband-- a Vietnam vet.

But Suzanne's husband Douglas -- has been dead for nearly two years.

The letter was the first response from the hospital to requests made in 2012.


Suzanne Chase: It was 22 months too late. So um, I kinda felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. I'm going you gotta be kidding right?


The VA has apologized -- and says it will institute measures to prevent a similar occurrence.

Not So Full Disclosure

Members of the House no longer have to include privately funded trips around the world-- on their annual financial disclosure forms.

The National Journal reports -- that requirement has been nixed by the Ethics Committee.

One Watchdog group calls it an effort to avoid accountability.

Quote -- "It's clear these forms are useful for reporters and watchdogs, and obviously a little too useful."

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi agrees.

"While the committee's aim was to simplify the disclosure process. Congress must always move in the direction of more disclosure, not less."

Free trips still must be reported to the House's Office of the Clerk.

All Politics Is Local

Finally -- an old saying in Washington -- all politics is local.

India's finance minister clearly missed the point today.

Instead of revealing expected details-- about upcoming budget cuts characterized as -- bitter medicine -- the minister chose to concentrate on something a little less down to earth.

His post on Facebook noted World UFO Day instead.

Quote -- "This day is celebrated to raise awareness about the existence of UFOs -- and with that -- intelligent beings from outer space."

A lot of people are now questioning the minister's intelligence -- if not his timing.

The post has since been deleted.