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Bill O'Reilly: Mexico violating the human rights of children

Talking Points 6/26


By Bill O'Reilly

While many Americans are zeroing in on the Obama administration's failure to secure the American border, which is a very valid story, the bigger picture is being missed. Estimates are, more than 300,000 children will enter the USA illegally this fiscal year, 300,000.

Primary culprit is Mexico, which is allowing smugglers to abuse children putting them at grave risk. A very well-reported article today in "The New York Times" documents the atrocities. The piece written by Julia Preston a veteran reporter who tells the truth and somehow convinces her editors not to spin it.

And the truth is brutal. Human smugglers associated with the Mexican drug cartels are charging up to $7,500 a kid to bring minors to the USA from Central America. Smugglers have no fear. They know the Mexican authorities will not stop them and the porous U.S. border is easy to cross.

In May alone, smugglers brought about 9,000 children to the USA. Some of these kids were abused on the trip, some of them raped, beaten, even killed. And the Mexican authorities look the other way.

Why? Because the cartels bribe Mexican officials all the way up to the power brokers in Mexico City. And that is the truth.

So, what is America doing about it? How is this country trying to help these exploited children?

Once again, the answer is the federal government is doing very little and our awful immigration laws actually encourage the exploitation of children.

President Obama has made no public comments about Mexican corruption and the human smuggling. The only thing he has said is this, quote, "The influx of unaccompanied alien children across the southwest border of the United States has resulted in an urgent humanitarian situation requiring a unified and coordinated federal response," unquote. Oh, I can't wait for that, because the Obama administration has known for months about this problem and has done nothing.

Now, because of this tremendous, tremendous abuse of innocent children I have called for a boycott of Mexico. I'm asking every American not to travel there or buy their products.

This week, I'm joined in that effort by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the VFW. They are urging a boycott of Mexico because that country has incarcerated an American marine, Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi and refused to release him. Laura Ingraham with an update later on.

Sergeant Tahmooressi is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and surely, surely, the Mexican president could grant him clemency. For some reason, Mr. Obama has not involved himself here. So, we the people must now take action.

The feds will not secure the southern border, will not stop the horrendous abuse of children and cannot secure the release of a marine sergeant suffering from stress. This is serious business. The American people should demand that Mexico stop hurting the USA and the way we do that is to not buy their stuff, to not travel there. That is the power we have. And it is time that we use it. And that's "The Memo."