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Cavuto: I'm about moving the ball forward

Neil responds to Bachmann interview



Neil Cavuto: Where was your rage?

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.: Listen, listen, listen, let me have one minute...

Cavuto: No, no, no you're conflating issues and you're being silly.

Cavuto: I'm just saying with each side claiming it....waste of time, waste of time.

Bachmann: So what we need to do is defund the executive branch number one and impeach executive branch officials who have broken the law.

Cavuto: Congresswoman if Democrats had said here we're going to defund President Bush, defund the executive branch you would've laughed at that one. I think Democrats would be in their right mind to laugh you out now. Defund them.


Shaken. And very much stirred.

And even 24 hours later a lot of you more than a little hot and bothered.

J. Flynn in Orlando.

"You lost me as a viewer on this one. That was extremely rude and overboard."

Cal in Washington, D.C.

"Here's what I hate about you, Cavuto...everything."

Tim in Burlington, Vt.

"Off your meds again, huh Cavuto?"

Tommy in New Orleans.

"Tell your boss to fire you, right now."

Boss, Tommy says fire me, right now.

Bob in N.C.

"When your big, loud mouth becomes the story, I change the channel."

Gene in Titusville, Fla.

"You're wrong, Neil, we need to sue the president."

Fine, Gene, let's see you stick to that when Democrats try the same on the next Republican president.

Keith in Rochester, N.Y.

"Cavuto, I'm a conservative, but even I've had it with these silly Republican antics."

Greg P. e-mails via Yahoo.

"I thought you handled the interview very badly and I was on your side of the argument."

Louis via AOL.

"I just watched your show and heard the nasty e-mails about your interview...I found your agitation with her to be fully justified."

Kenner writes:

"I feel your frustration, Neil, but you handled it quite unprofessionally."

Merlyn s. via

"Boy, what an ass Neil was. I will watch for a Dem to get grilled like that but won't hold your breath."

Hold that thought, Merlyn, you might be surprised.

Robert in Alburquerque.

"You wouldn't dare talk to a man the way you spoke to the congresswoman."

Carol e-mails:

"Silly? You called Michelle Bachmann silly? Would you ever, ever say that to a man, you chauvinist ass?"

Actually, Carol I've said worse.


Cavuto: You're talking about doubling the gas tax and acting like it's no big deal.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.: I didn't say it was not a big deal.

Cavuto: Transportation money goes to transportation.

Blumenauer: It's always a pleasure Neil. Have fun

Cavuto: I wish I could say the same.

June 9, 2010

Cavuto: Congressman you're going to leave them holding the bag if you push them into the water. I'm not excusing BP.

Congressman: BP cannot pay a dividend if it doesn't have the money. If it has the obligation whatsoever...

Cavuto: No offense. I'm talking to a rock here.

March 31, 2009

Cavuto: You know what congressman? You know when I'm rude? I'll tell you when I'm rude to guests when they don't answer questions all taxpayers have a right to know. That is when I'm rude.

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla.: Well you're being very rude.


My point is this, it's not about gender. It's not about their sex. It's about the substance of their argument.

Some find me rude, others have since vowed never to watch me again conservatives who say I shouldn't go over the line with conservatives, so I'm a turncoat.

Liberals who say every time I bash the president, I'm a racist.

I'm not red. I'm not blue.

I'm green. I'm all about green. Who's spending it, who's wasting it, and who by actions such as these -- however well intended, and I think the congresswoman's intentions are good, are deflecting attention from the issues that matter.

I'm about moving the ball forward, not sitting on it just to make a point.

I'm dollars and cents. And either side posturing these days makes little sense.

Some of you say you'll never watch me again for the way I treated a congresswoman who I otherwise very much respect.

Well, then I respectfully bid you adieu.

Because if you prefer only hearing the interviews that suit you, then let me now say goodbye to you. Because the time is going to come again, when I will probably offend you.

So let me be brief, this isn't about filing briefs. This is about getting to work.

Because we're out of money. We're out of ideas. We're out of time.