Grapevine: High school playing politics with the Internet?

Student accuses school of blocking conservative sites


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Administrators at a Connecticut high school could be in some hot water over a politically one-sided firewall on school computers.

A student researching gun control for a classroom debate discovered the NRA's website was blocked but pro-gun control sites were available.

He kept digging and found that conservative, Republican and Christian sites were consistently blocked, while liberal, Democratic, and non-Christian religious sites were not.

Senior Andrew Lampart says -- quote -- "They're trying to...shelter us from what's actually going on around the country...The web sites should be unblocked so that students can get different viewpoints."

Lampart alerted the board of education after his complaint to the superintendent of schools was ignored.

The board chairman says the matter is important and warrants further investigation.

When the Yanks Go Marching In

Vice President Biden attended a World Cup game this week but he still may want to brush up on his soccer.

At a joint press conference, Biden thanked the Colombian president for his congratulations on the U.S. victory in its first match.

Quote -- "We're not accustomed over the last 30 years to be expecting to do well like you always do."

That is worth a red card.

Actually, this year marks the first time Colombia has qualified for the World Cup since 1998, while the U.S. has been to every tournament since 1990.

We're #101!

Finally, the U.S. is quite a bit further down the road and down the rankings when it comes to world peace.

The Global Peace index ranks this country 101st out of 162.

Iceland, Denmark, and Austria take the top three spots.

Syria is considered the world's most dangerous country followed by Afghanistan and South Sudan.

On the whole, the world was found to be slightly less peaceful, continuing a seven year trend.