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Bill O'Reilly: How the left wants to handle tens of thousands of children illegally entering the USA

Talking Points 6/17


By Bill O'Reilly

Today the "New York Times" a liberal standard bearer in this country ran an editorial entitled "Innocence at the Border". Basically the "Times" saying that the Obama administration should provide massive humanitarian aid for about 50,000 children who have illegally entered the U.S.A. since last fall and the hundreds more who come every single day. The "Times" admits the Obama administration caught by surprise by the border surge but describes the children and some of their parents as refugees. That's the headline.

Liberal America trying to convince us that poor people in Central America, Mexico and everywhere else are fleeing economic oppression therefore they are refugees. Therefore, we have to accept them. Pretty much support them for years. And allow them to stream across the border at will.

The left points out, this is humane and Christian. That's true. Accepting poor people fleeing American governments is how America came of age. And compassion for the downtrodden is a hallmark of Judeo-Christian philosophy.

But the harsh reality is. We cannot support all the world's poor. It's impossible. And since the Obama administration cannot control the southern border, the USA is now facing a crisis. Already, the states of Texas and Arizona are being hammered. They don't have the resources to handle all of these children and many of their parents.

Arizona may sue the federal government over the situation. "Is It Legal" will have that story coming up. For years some on the left have wanted open borders like they have in Europe. But the massive welfare state that goes along with supporting poor migrants would break this nation financially.

We already owe more than $17 trillion. Look, most of these kids and their parents can't speak English, have little education, and few skills -- how are they going to compete in our competitive marketplace here? How? The answer is they are not going to compete. And it will take decades for most of them to be self-sufficient.

So we are creating an under class of people, totally dependent on American taxpayers who are already under siege from every direction. The immigration crisis could very well damage the entire infrastructure of America. There is no question about it.

Now, because I just laid that all out for you I'm going to be attacked by the left. I will be called all kinds of names. I hate the poor. I'm the devil -- whatever. But I'm telling you the truth. In our Judeo-Christian tradition we are compelled to help the poor. We are. But we cannot destroy the fabric of the nation, granting refugee status to everyone who wants it. There are simply too many in this world who are oppressed.

And that's "The Memo."