Off the Record

Greta: Mexican police make same mistake as jailed Marine and they're freed by US after 2 days

'Off the Record,' 6/16/14: Four Mexican nationals with weapons made a wrong turn into the US but were freed after 2 days. Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi remains jailed in Mexico after almost 3 months. #MarineHeldinMexico


By Greta Van Susteren

All right, let's go "Off the Record." I think this stinks. Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi is still languishing in a Mexican prison. But what makes it really stink is the latest.

Just days ago, four Mexican police mistakenly entered the United States - yes, a mistake, just like Sergeant Tahmooressi mistakenly entered Mexico. And the four Mexican police were arrested by the United States. Just like Sergeant Tahmooressi, arrested, but by Mexico and like Sergeant Tahmooressi, the Mexicans mistakenly came into our country with their weapons. Legal in their home country, just like Sergeant Tahmooressi has weapons legal in the United States. But what happened next is the big difference. And what really stinks.

The U.S.A. sorted out the four arrested Mexican problem lickety split. So, for their mistake they were in U.S. custody only two days and then sent back home to Mexico. But how about Sergeant Tahmooressi? Two days? Not even close. Try two months-plus. He's been riding in a Mexican prison since March 31st with the same mistake.

And don't tell me it's because the four were Mexican police. That should make no difference. I don't trust Mexican police as far as I can throw them. They have a horrible history of corruption, many of them on the payroll of vicious drug cartels. Bottom line, if we can fast-track four Mexicans through our system, Mexico can fast-track our one marine through their system.

And by the way, it should not just be an American cable anchor making that demand. President Obama should be making that fast track demand and he's late. Two months late. And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.