Common Sense

Cavuto: VA may give up on them, but they don't give up on us

Time to show our vets some dignity


So 275 U.S. soldiers are on their way to Iraq.

Their assignment-- protect the American embassy in Baghdad.

Then again, those soldiers could choose to ignore that assignment, couldn't they?

They could take their sweet time, couldn't they?

They could just say the heck with it, couldn't they?

They could just say, we are so out of here, couldn't they?

They could figure after hearing how we treat veterans back home, why the hell should they break a sweat for us over there, couldn't they?

They could take a cue from an agency that takes its sweet time looking after soldiers, to take their sweet time looking after us?

But they're not going to do that, are they?

They never do that, do they?

It's just not in their DNA.

It's just not in their make-up to slow-up.

A VA can give up on them, but for some remarkable reason they never give up on us, do they?

They never return the indignity, do they?

Or dwell on the slight, any of them, do they?

They never stop to stew. They just suit up and serve, don't they?

No bitching. No whining. No excusing.

I don't see a one of them wringing their hands because they're overwhelmed, they just carry out their mission over there.


Not some of the time.

Not when they have time.

All the time.

Every crisis. Every incident. Every war. Every time.

You would think this umpteenth time Washington has called them back into service to save someone's ass the least Washington could do is quit kicking them in the ass.

No, they serve with dignity.

How about we return the favor and show them some dignity?