All-Star Panel: Surge of undocumented minors across the border

Reaction from the 'Special Report' All-Stars in Friday's Lightning Round


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BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: Each week we ask you to vote online in our Friday Lightning Round poll, and your favorite topic for this week, you chose immigration and the thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the border. We're back with our panel. Take a listen to Senator Sessions and the Homeland Security secretary.


SEN. JEFF SESSIONS, R - AL: I predicted this a year ago. You keep saying you are not going to enforce the law and you particularly are not going to enforce it for young people, and it creates a perception and it has created a perception around the world that we are wide open, that children can just come and they will be permitted to stay.

JEH JOHNSON, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: Putting your child in the hands of a criminal smuggling organization is not safe.


BAIER: OK, what about this, Charles?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Yeah, but walking across the desert the way hundreds of thousands do isn't safe either. And it happens in huge numbers over decades. So safety isn't a factor. This is people who want to live in American. And the message is from the Obama administration, unmistakable. You send a child here, he will get in, she will get, and ultimately, probably you and your wife and your cousins, so why not do it?

BAIER: Kirsten?

KIRSTEN POWERS, COLUMNIST, USA TODAY: Well, I mean, the U.N. did a report on this. I've talked to a lot of activists also, whether they are evangelicals who are working with these children, and the storyline that's coming from conservatives doesn't line up with what they're saying. They are not coming here for those reasons. They are escaping very bad situations. They are escaping gang violence. They are escaping organized crime violence. They are escaping sex trafficking. They are escaping abusive situations. And that's what's bringing them to the United States.

I don't think it has anything to do -- even saying that oh I predicted this so long ago. This has been going on for a while this didn't just start happening. It's exploded, but this has been going on at least since 2009.

BAIER: There are some saying that the U.S. polling out of influence in Central and South America is also part of this.

STEVE HAYES, SENIOR WRITER, THE WEEKLY STANDARD: And the rate of people coming over has exploded. It's like 10 times what it has been each of the past five years. So you are talking about an altogether different problem just in terms of the magnitude.

BAIER: All right, IRS, these e-mails that Lois Lerner, they are from 2009 to 2011 lost, a computer glitch, they say they can't find them, a year later. Charles?

KRAUTHAMMER: Nixon was missing only 18 minutes. Lerner is missing two years. Nixon is a piker compared to this administration when it comes to concealment, hiding, or pretending that they can't find stuff.

BAIER: Steve?

HAYES: This is unbelievable. I mean that literally. The idea that -- set aside the fact that her hard drive supposedly crashed and she lost these two years that just went to outside agencies, including the White House. The fact that they have been asking, the House has been asking for these e-mails for over a year and we're just now learning, that they don't exist. If they want -- if they really didn't exist, they would have said that within a week or two and sent that message to Dave Camp in Ways and Means.

BAIER: Running out of time. Very quick lightning round, start with you, Kirsten.

POWERS: My winner is the Democratic Party because of the Cantor loss which will lead the Republicans to move further to the right, which is good for Democrats. My loser is Hillary Clinton for her rollout of her book, which she just came off as out of touch, and cranky, and defensive, and I just don't think it was a good week for her.

KRAUTHAMMER: Loser is Iraq as a state. It is probably never going to be a unitary state, even approximating it, and you can even say all the states in the area, the lines are being erased. And the winner, the one result, the good result out of all of this is that the Kurds, the only people in the area who were denied a country, are likely going to have one.

HAYES: My loser is the government in Afghanistan, who, for all the discussions of the Bowe Bergdahl, Taliban swap, we haven't talked enough about them. They were badly undercut by the Obama administration on that. And they have got presidential elections coming up where legitimacy really matters.

My winner is Iran because I think the president is going to turn to Iran in connection with what's happening in Iraq. And Iran has been trying very hard to influence what's happening in Afghanistan this weekend, buying precinct leaders, buying votes.

BAIER: That is it for the panel. But stay tuned to see someone clearly very excited for the World Cup.

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