Grapevine: Prof fired for calling global warming unproven science

Caleb Rossiter is a self-described progressive activist


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Cause and Effect

A University professor has been fired from the progressive group Institute for Policy Studies  -- for publicly calling global warming -- unproven science.

Caleb Rossiter is a self-described progressive activist -- who has taught classes on the misuse of statistics in the climate change debate.

He says -- quote—

"If people ever say that fears of censorship for 'climate change' views are overblown, have them take a look at this --
Just two days after I published a piece in the Wall Street Journal calling for Africa to be allowed the 'all of the above' energy strategy we have in the U.S. the Institute for Policy Studies terminated my 23 year relationship with them -- because my analysis and theirs 'diverge.'"

Rossiter  says officials at the institute -- have refused to explain their decision further.

Checks and Balances

Using an iPad during a debate -- cheating -- or just keeping everyone honest?

The moderator was not pleased when New York Congressman Charlie Rangel pulled out his tablet to counter his opponents--  during a recent event.


Moderator: "Congressman, are you Googling during this debate?"  
Rangel: "No I just wanted to show what he was picking out was inconsistent"
Moderator: "But it's not fair because they don't have their devices"


Rangel went on to tell the audience to fact check opponent's statements against the voting record.

Worldwide Celebration

Finally –

Besides jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft in celebration of his 90th birthday -- Former President George H-W Bush -- received calls from many world leaders -- including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Though the official Kremlin Twitter account missed one very important letter in publicizing the phone call --

"Vladimir Putin congratulated George W. Bush on the 90th anniversary."

The tweet was eventually deleted and another -- corrected version -- was published.

Business Insider reports -- the Russian President also sent a gift -- a painting of the elder Bush as a young Navy ensign.