Grapevine: Immigration officials trusting honor system?

Illegal immigrants released on the promise that they will voluntarily check back in for next court date


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On the Road Again

About 400 illegal immigrants have been released onto the streets of Tucson, Arizona -- by immigration officials -- on the promise that they will check back in -- voluntarily -- for their next court date -- and possible deportation.

The federal government flew the group from Texas -- where detention facilities are said to be overflowing.

Many people are skeptical -- that working on the honor system -- is going to work out.

Quote –

"Essentially-- They have gotten successfully into the country and it's unlikely that they're going to leave." (Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform)

Earlier this week - President Obama told advisers to delay making changes to deportation policy until the end of the summer -- so Congress can consider immigration legislation.

Land of 10,000 Laws

Congress being in session is nothing new.

The Minnesota State legislature turned that idea on its head -- and held what it called the un-session.

Led by Democratic Governor Mark Dayton -- the legislature eliminated almost 1,200 obsolete and outdated laws.

Some of the bipartisan changes were big -- like simplifying tax forms -- cutting taxes -- and reducing business permit wait times.

Others were common sense.

It is no longer a misdemeanor to carry fruit in an illegally sized container.

And many regulations on the telegraph were eliminated.

There is still more work to do.

One current law suggests the Agriculture Commissioner is required to personally track down any wild boar that is loose in the state.

A government official joked he wanted to release one -- just to see if the commissioner was up for the challenge.

Promise Kept

Finally -- French president Francois Hollande brought in big tax increases when he was elected in 2012 -- including a 75 percent rate on income over a million euros -- about $1.4 million

The results are in -- and they are not good for the socialist president.

The BBC reports -- the government has received about half the revenue surge -- it was expecting.

The French economy also saw no growth in the first quarter of 2014.

The prime minister -- has called for lower taxes -- saying -- too much tax -- kills tax.