Grapevine: Joe Biden gets invited to prom

VP sends hand-written note, corsage declining


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Fowl Habits

Critics are loudly proclaiming that Illinois' spending habits are for the birds.

The debt-ridden state is spending more than a $500,000 to import live chickens from Kansas.

The prairie chicken population has dwindled in the Prairie State, so the state government developed a plan to fly in 300 of the birds over three years.

The price tag is over $1,700 per chicken.

The program is paid for through a mix of federal and state funds as well as private donations.

So far about 90 birds have been flown in.

Supporters say the chickens are needed to improve genetic diversity.

Critics have called the program bizarre.

At the end of the 2013 fiscal year, Illinois had a $127 billion debt.

Hollywood Ending

An Ohio County prison is under investigation for showing pirated copies of movies to inmates, some of whom are serving time for pirating movies.

Guards at the Loraine County Correctional Institution allegedly showed illegal copies of movies -- including "The Wolf of Wall Street" -- even before they were released on DVD.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer writes, the inmate who reported the screenings, had previously been sentenced to 29 months for selling pirated films.

A prison spokeswoman says officials are aware of the pirated movies and an investigation is underway.

The Dating Game

Finally, it is prom season all over the country and one Connecticut teenager decided to reach out to her dream date -- Vice President Joe Biden.

Talia Maselli wrote a letter, and in it threatened to invite House Speaker John Boehner if Biden declined.

She was shocked, and thought she was being pranked when she received a hand written response from the VP, saying he was unavailable.

With the note was a red, white, and blue corsage and an invitation to visit the White House this summer.