Common Sense

Cavuto: Time for Dems to 'admit' they got it wrong

Neil offers some free advice


Hey Democrats, this Common Sense is for you.

Not that you asked. But just some free advice.

Because at least judging from some recent polls, you're hurting.

Now that could change, but first, it requires you changing.

It's time for you to admit the obvious, and admit you obviously got it wrong.

So I have an assignment for you. An assignment that just could save you:

I want each and every one of you to go back to your constituents and just say it.

Just like this:

"I'm sorry."

"I goofed."

"I knew you couldn't keep your doctor."

"I knew you couldn't keep your health plan."

"I knew if it sounded too good to be true, lying about it wouldn't make the eventual pain any less."

"I knew Solyndra wasn't the exception, it was the rule."

"I knew opposing Keystone was stupid in this economic environment, but I wasn't about to tick off environmentalists."

"I knew I was more beholden to special interests than your interests."

"I knew I was smug."

"I knew I was a slug."

"And now I know you just want to slug me."

"But can you find it in your heart of hearts to forgive me?"

"For I have sinned, and I want to sin no more."

That's it. That's the whole thing, Democrats like I said the other day; it's kind of like standing up at an AA meeting and admitting your weakness. In this case, lying and that you're sick of it and sick of yourself too.

Because the first thing about winning back peoples' trust is admitting you violated that trust.

Admitting you lied.

And Republicans, I wouldn't be gloating here if I were you. For the moment, you're polling better simply because you're not them. That doesn't mean voters flip over you. Right about now, they just hate you less.

Because if history teaches us anything, it's that politicians learn nothing.

Forgetting that to err might be human, but to lie about it?