Radical Islam and the clash of civilizations

Nearly 300 school girls kidnapped by a radical Muslim terrorist group in Nigeria


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INGRAHAM: In the "Impact" segment tonight, radical Islam and the clash of civilizations. The U.S. is joining effort to rescue nearly 300 schoolgirls who were kidnapped by a radical Muslim terrorist group in Nigeria. The terrorist leader has vowed to sell the girls into slavery, claiming Allah has given him permission to do so.

Meanwhile out in Beverly Hills Hollywood elites are leading a campaign to boycott hotels and other properties owned by the Sultan of Brunei after he imposed brutal anti-women and anti-gay laws in his own country.


JAY LENO, COMEDIAN: I'd like to think that all people are basically good. And when they realize this is going on, hopefully they will do something about it. I mean this is not you know there's nothing extreme happening here. These are not crazy feminist wackos. They are women who are just trying to protect other women and gay people protecting other gay I mean it's just. I don't know, Berlin, 1933, hello. I mean does -- does it seem that far off from what happened during the Holocaust?


INGRAHAM: Is this latest clash of civilizations exposing the true face of Islam?

Joining me with reaction from Portland, Oregon, Harris Zafar; he's the national spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and from Phoenix, Zuhdi Jasser he's the President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Gentlemen, it's good to see you.

This is so heart breaking. I covered this on my radio show a few days after we heard about this. This is now a couple of weeks back. And as a mother, you send your child off to school every day and I think never to see her perhaps again.

Doctor Jasser let's start with you. Should the United States be involved here and what should the U.S. actually do? What can it do?

ZUHDI JASSER, M.D., AMERICAN ISLAMIC FORUM FOR DEMOCRACY: Well, at this point Laura the most important thing is to get these girls to safety. They are being used by a radical militant group that just has been bombing churches and they find every opportunity possible to attack the West. Boko Haram in their language means the Western education is a sin.

I was in Nigeria a month ago and the Nigerian government is trying to do what they can. But you know to be fair, they've also had a lot of corruption problems in their government, they have allowed many to go un- convicted and with impunity. So the issue is, right now, we need to save these poor girls and do what we can to get them to safety.

But the bigger picture, yes Secretary Kerry who just gave a speech in Ethiopia didn't use the word "Islamism", didn't talk about Islamic radicalism. This administration has no strategy. And you have countries like Nigeria where you have an opportunity for reform 50/50 Muslim Christian and yet we don't take those opportunities and we let radicalism fester.

INGRAHAM: Mr. Zafar look I think part of the problem here is that we have a dead American ambassador. We have no one in custody, not to go back to Benghazi, but we have no one in custody. Ok now again anywhere in this investigations as far as I could tell.

And now people are saying well what are you going to do about these -- these young girls, you've got to do something. And believe me, our heart breaks for all of this horrific violence against religious minorities, Christians, Catholic priests being murdered during the middle of mass. Syrian Christians, the Coptic Christians they are being decimated destroyed, the population is -- is being halves almost you know every month it seems.

But what do we do at this point? I mean we sent a message to the world that you can kill a U.S. ambassador and it looks like, get away with it.

HARRIS ZAFAR, SPOKESPERSON, AHMADIYYA MUSLIM COMMUNITY: Well, to your points, when the extremists have free reign and they don't feel the proper push back, then they will keep pushing the envelope. And the only thing I'd add to your list is that mosques and Muslims and other non-Christians have also been victimized by such radical ideology. And so this is something that affects all of us and if we don't stop it now then it will continue to breed more and more extremism.

So, the solution is a couple of items all together. First, it's -- it's providing justice. If the Nigerian government isn't able or perhaps willing to provide justice and bring these radicals to justice then we stand by anyone who is willing to help to stop the reign of terror. And on top of that, they are using an ideology to breed more of their terrorism to inculcate more of this ideology in their kids. So it's also incumbent upon the leaders of the different faith groups, the different nations and cultures to fight this war of ideas. And that's why I support --

INGRAHAM: Well what's the African Union doing about this? I mean I don't know what the African Union is doing. I mean it is their continent right. One would hope that this is addressed primarily by the leaders of the African continent.

But it seems like Africa roiling in so much ethnic and religious -- (AUDIO GAP) -- the bishop has been doing amazing work in South Sudan. You know I have seen pictures where entire villages and this is Islamic versus Christian, crime of fire bombers with the huge fire guns just torching women and girls. And I mean this happens regularly. So now people know well these girls are kidnapped, we have to do something. What have we been doing to stem the tide of violence?

And I would say, I don't think it's an exaggeration to say the lion share of this religious violence is Islamic on religious minority. Sometimes other Muslims for sure, but it's Islamic against Christians, Islamic against non-complying Muslims.

And as far as I can tell, Dr. Jasser, you can close it out, I think it's gotten worse over the past month it's not better.

JASSER: It's really -- absolutely and it really has gotten worse because we aren't addressing the problem we keep addressing the symptom as you lay it out. And finally, you see Hollywood wake up with what happens in Brunei. But wait a minute where were they when Al Gore ignored and brought a -- took a half billion from Qatar because they bought his station al Jazeera when they were doing the same types of laws in Qatar and we have been ignoring the bigger problem which as Tony Blair laid out last week was about Islamism and political Islam. It's a much bigger tumor it's an ideology that we need to confront.

And only Muslims like Harris and myself can address this. We advance reform, ideas and the American government needs to stand behind reformists.

INGRAHAM: I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. Harris and Zuhdi we really appreciate the perspective.

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