Common Sense

Cavuto: Both parties play the same game

How about we just stop all the games?


They say two wrongs don't make a right, but after that segment I'm wondering -- why do both parties play the same game and not think it's wrong?

Take this Benghazi mess.

Democrats say Republicans are pounding it to embarrass the president.

And Democrats weren't doing the same on Iraq to embarrass another president?

Just wondering. No, it is awful now. It was fine then.

Republicans really aren't much better. Suddenly, faulty intelligence is a very huge issue now.

Wasn't such a huge issue back then.

Now, I know how this stuff goes. But this stuff really has got to stop.

Justifying bad behavior now because the other side was just as bad before only means it is going to keep happening again, and again, and again.

Talk about childish. It's like I'm hearing my 11 and 12-year-old boys going at it!

"It's not fair!! You let him do it, but you won't let me do it!"

Well, how about right now, we just stop it?

All of it. The blame game. The excuses game. All the games.

So, Democrats, stop condoning what's bad under this president, because you say it was worse under the last president.

Republicans, stop saying faulty intelligence is awful under this president, but not acknowledge the elephant in the room, that it was pretty bad under the last president.

Now, that doesn't make either of your arguments worse, but it does make both of your arguments consistent.

So Republicans, when you call out Democrats on spending, now that they're in charge, at least point out you weren't a whole lot better when you were in charge.

And Democrats, when you blast Republicans for whining about the health care law's costs, do recall your saying the same thing about another president's prescription drug plan's costs.

Consistent. Capiche?

So here's my free advice to all of you politicians. I want you to try this, right now:

I want you to act like you're at an AA meeting, which in effect you are. And just admit who you are.

I want you to stand up, I want you to look at everyone there. Everyone here, and I want you to say these words.

"Hi, my name is Joe (or whatever your name is) and I am a spend-aholic, and an excuse-aholic, and a liar-aholic." In fact, you can attach whatever work to "aholic" and you're looking at it).

"And I'm sick and tired of it." I want you to say this. "I'm sick of me. I'm sick of being this pathetic excuse of a human being that is me. And I'm here now to make sure you don't end up like me."

I'm telling you, folks will applaud you, and hug you. Because for the first time in your sorry hypocritical lives, they will start to see something in you, maybe even believe you.

That you have sinned, but you just want to help others learn from your sins, and sin no more.

I bet they'll even slap your back.

Namely to confirm you have a backbone. That's your homework assignment. Do it!