Grapevine: Quick and easy way to do gov't background checks

Contractor admits writing dozens of reports based on interviews and research that never happened


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Making It Up

A government contractor found a quick and easy way to do background checks for the Office of Personnel Management.

He just made it all up.

Brian Rapier of Sumter, South Carolina has admitted writing dozens of reports based on interviews and research -- that never happened.

Rapier has agreed to pay a fine and faces up to five years in prison.

Doctor Bills

Talk about a communication breakdown.

More than 26 million of your taxpayer dollars were spent on illegal immigrants -- who enrolled in Medicare Advantage --

Because there was no process for the various agencies to talk to each other about eligibility.

The Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services says the money was paid to approximately 1,600 illegal immigrants over a two year period.

Crime Doesn’t Pay

And finally -- police department budgets are so tight in Oakland, California -- officers have to reuse crime scene tape.

Police tell the Oakland Fox affiliate -- they sometimes have to collect the used tape and put it in their vehicles -- for future use at other crime scenes.

One officer called it embarrassing.

The police chief would not comment -- but a spokesperson for the department said it would be wasteful-- to throw the tape away after a single use.