It's easy to pile on the airlines over these fees.

But I hardly think they're the only ones fee-ing us, and fooling us, and just plain old, f-ing with us.

Find me a business that doesn't tease you, then stick it to you.

The hotel whose $99 rate conveniently leaves out service fees and taxes.

The restaurant whose fixed price menu doesn't include any of the items you want on that menu. Then taps you for tap water.

The contractor who suddenly tells you there's a problem. So there's going to be an additional charge.

The car dealer who suddenly informs you the model you want isn't part of the sale-a-thon, so that's why he added another thousand bucks on.

The department store sale on shirts that conveniently doesn't include your shirt.

Prepare to lose your shirt.

And apparently any right to complain.

Because while you're having a fit, a lot of these guys invariably refer you to the small print.

Like the cruise line whose ticket does indeed spell out in two-point type that it's not liable for surprises on a trip.

Yep even human feces in the hall.

Lawyers say it's their out.

But you'd think by now, we would all figure it out. And them out.

That if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Sort of liking being told you can keep you doctor, when you really can't.

It's all the same.

To me, it's all false advertising. It's all lying.

And the reality hits just as we're paying the bill.

Just as we're boarding that plane.

Or checking out of that hotel.

Or paying for that health plan.

That's when we get sick.

Because we know we haven't only been fooled.

Once again, we've been seriously f'ed.