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Bill O'Reilly: Earning money in America

Talking Points 4/23


By Bill O'Reilly

No surprise a new study says that working in middle class Americans are falling behind their counterparts in Canada and even in some parts of Western Europe when it comes to salaries. Since the year 2000 median income has risen nearly 20 percent in Britain and Canada; 16 percent in Ireland but has barely risen at all in the USA.

So when you hear the economy is improving, you know it's BS. Wages are what really matter and they are not going up much here.

Now, the uber-liberal "New York Times" says that's because managers and executives are taking all the money, leaving little for the workers. President Obama and many Democrats want to redistribute income believing that the federal government can stimulate higher wages but we've had five years of that it's obviously not working.

"Talking Points" submits that the socialistic trend is the real problem with wage growth in America. It's obvious that major corporations and even some small businesses are hoarding money -- not hiring not developing. The punishing tax system means that billions of dollars in U.S. profits are kept overseas, not brought here to expand industry. That is macroeconomics, something President Obama does not seem to understand.

But the "New York Times" does understand it however, they don't care. They want capitalism to be diminished. They want corporate America to give, not earn.

In the real world it is still possible for hard working Americans to prosper. I oversee a thriving business thanks to the infrastructure Fox News provides. I do a lot of the skill work, I anchor THE FACTOR, I write the books. So my earnings are far above those who assist me. Is that wrong?

But because we are profitable here, we're able to pay our workers good money. Most of them are young professionals on the rise and we value that. Their wages are based on performance, experience and time on the job. Now, it's not easy to work here. You have to be smart, well-educated, well- spoken. We do not say "cool" or "awesome".

But I don't care where you are from. What color you are, or even what your personality is. I don't care. I'm looking for responsible workers who produce. Our standards are high but not unreasonable. And those who work for THE FACTOR are in a good economic place. But if you don't work hard, if you are not well-read, if you cannot speak properly, you can't work here. And that is what should be emphasized in this country, developing a skill set and a hard work ethic.

But it's not being encouraged. Instead, the idle talk is all about inequality, that the system rigged. Telling working American they are victims. Therefore some don't strive as hard as they might.

Finally the private sector fears the new social order the Obama administration is trying impose. And that includes Obamacare mandates. That fear has restricted hiring and expansion. Capitalism made this country the most prosperous nation on earth. And we should damn well get back to it. Because if we don't you might want to think about working in Canada.

And that's "The Memo."