Grapevine: Pol suggests Iraq war vet hasn't had 'real job'

Maryland attorney general tries to clarify statement


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

For Real?

Maryland Attorney General -- and gubernatorial candidate -- Douglas Gansler -- is trying to clarify a statement he made-- implying that serving in Iraq-- is not a real job.

Gansler was talking about fellow Democratic candidate -- Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown-- an Iraq war veteran.


Douglas Gansler: I'm running against somebody who has never managed anybody, never run anything. His ads are about how he's a lawyer in Iraq. And that's all fine and good but this is a real job.


Veterans groups jumped on Gansler -- calling his comments horribly insulting and slimeball politics.

Gansler says he was talking about the failed rollout of ObamaCare under Brown.

"Anthony Brown's only attempt to lead as lieutenant governor was the unmitigated debacle of the health exchange website."

The Maryland health exchange board recently voted to scrap its glitch-ridden exchange website-- and start over.

Discrimination Suit

A national humanist group -- is suing a new jersey school district-- on behalf of a family -- asserting the phrase "under god" -- in the Pledge of Allegiance -- discriminates against atheist children.

An attorney for the group says the policy -- quote-- "teaches students that patriotism is tied to a belief in God."

A lawyer for the school district says it is simply following state law requiring the Pledge each day -- and individual students are allowed to opt-out.

Shortcut to the Tarmac

And finally-- you might want to think twice-- the next time the airline offers to check your bag plane-side.

An Air Canada passenger says he shot this video as handlers loaded up bags-- that did not fit in the overhead compartments.

Instead of carrying them down the stairs-- the handlers just dropped them-- several feet.

More than a million people have viewed that clip-- including the bosses at Air Canada.

They have apologized-- and say the workers in the video will be fired-- pending the outcome of an investigation.