Off the Record

Greta: I wish we could solve all missing person cases

'Off the Record', 4/16/14: Check out Fox News' special on the 2006 disappearance of Jennifer Kesse ... I wish to someday make a happy call to a distraught family


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record" for a minute. I'm gonna give you a sneak peek just for you. This Friday at 7:00 p.m. in our "On the Record" time slot we`re airing a special. And one is very important to me.

It's about Jennifer Kesse, an Orlando woman who vanished in 2006 at the age of 24. Now, we covered her disappearance closely. As you will see in this special, we don't give up.


GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Is this how you discovered her room on the ...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, no. The bed was unmade and she had like two skirts and a pair of slacks on the bed, like she couldn't figure out what to wear. But these are the clothes she wore to work Monday and we've not disturbed them.

VAN SUSTEREN: And that's where she left them?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And that's where she left them.

VAN SUSTEREN: There were some signs in the condo that she had taken a shower or someone had taken a shower, right?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. Wet towel on her washing machine in another room.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Shower walls were damp.


I wish we could cover every missing person. We can't. But even more, I wish we could find them because I meet their families and I spend real time with them. I see the incredible pain of the unknown. It is the absolute worse.

And you may think that we drop these stories. We don't. I stay in touch with the families. I still follow leads and even years later just hoping one day, one time I can really help. And do you know what my dream in this job is, I'd love to make that call to a grieving family saying, they found her. She is alive. Can you imagine that? Maybe someday I will get lucky, get to make a call like that.

In the meantime, I'm not giving up. Don't miss "Greta Investigates: The Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse" this Friday at 7 p.m. eastern, right here on Fox News Channel. That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.