Situation in Ukraine getting violent

Senator John McCain with the latest on the crisis in Ukraine


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O'REILLY: And in the "Impact Segment" tonight the situation in Ukraine getting violent. The government has sent forces to remove pro-Russian agitators in public buildings in eastern Ukraine. After annexing Crimea, Russian President Putin seems to want to do the same thing with this territory. Yesterday Putin and President Obama spoke on the phone denying Russia has anything to do with agitation.

Joining us on the phone from Riga, Latvia -- one of the Baltic States -- Senator John McCain, who is touring the area. Let's get right to it Senator if you were President, what would you do right now to stop Putin from invading Ukraine?

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA (via telephone): Well, first of all, I would rush them with defensive weapons and armor, body armor, night vision, intelligence capabilities, jet fuel. We give them the means to defend themselves. Their country has just been partially dismembered, despite a solemn treaty that was entered into by Russia. And they are about to do the same thing in eastern Ukraine. And they may do the same thing in southern Ukraine, land-locking Ukraine and going all over to Moldova, which is Vladimir Putin's next target. And so --


O'REILLY: How do you know that? I know you are on your way to Moldova after you get through with the Baltic States.

MCCAIN: Yes. Yes.

O'REILLY: But how do you know -- how do you know that Putin has science on yet another country?

MCCAIN: Because he has on many occasions stated the worst thing that happened in the 20th century was the breakup of the Soviet Union. He has made no bones about his attempts to restore the quote "near abroad". And he has 1,400 Russian troops that are stationed there in violation of previous agreements. And it's everything what he is about.

And I have been here in the Baltic countries and I can tell you they are very, very nervous. Even though they are members of NATO, which, according to Article 5, means an attack on all -- on one is an attack on all.

But I would get them the weapons. I would restart our missile defense systems. I would get them economic assistance. I would make sure that we take -- have military exercises, including some semi-permanent military forces stationed in the Baltic countries.

There is a -- there is a number of steps that the most powerful nation in the world. And I would have tough enforceable sanctions. And that means the Europeans will not join us but they must follow us. And I would have a President of the United States that tells the American people what's at stake here.

This is a blatant takeover of a country by Vladimir Putin in the old Russian style and he lies through his teeth as you know.

O'REILLY: Yes. Now when you say you would station troops, Western troops in some of the countries that border Russia, where would those troops come from?

MCCAIN: Right. I think they would do joint exercises. When I say station, I don't mean station a permanent base. I mean joint operations.

O'REILLY: But would they be NATO forces or would they be American forces.

MCCAIN: NATO forces, NATO and U.S., NATO and U.S.

O'REILLY: What if NATO wouldn't go along with it though? I mean that's the problem here that America is facing that we don't have -- even Great Britain doesn't really back us up here. And so we're almost going it alone.

MCCAIN: We may have to but other nations will follow if we lead. This President of the United States won't even give them defensive weapons to which -- with which to defend themselves. What do you expect the Europeans to do? This is another total failure and lack of leadership and a fundamental misreading of Vladimir Putin.

Colonel Putin is the guy that said, that he said we need a reset button. Colonel Putin was the guy that was going to be. Remember when Obama talked to Medvedev and said tell Vladimir I will be more flexible.


MCCAIN: Vladimir Putin does not respect the United States of America. And the good example of that is the airplane a Russian airplane buzzing an American ship in the Black Sea for about --

O'REILLY: Well he's certainly is pushing, there is no doubt he's pushing it, Putin he's --

MCCAIN: He's going to push it as far as he can.

O'REILLY: As far as he can, right as far as he can.

MCCAIN: Right.

O'REILLY: And do you see the parallel between the 30s in Europe and Chamberlain and this?

MCCAIN: Absolutely. Look at the speech that Hitler gave from a hotel balcony in Vienna after they had taken Austria and Anschluss. You will find the words that he used that are very parallel to those that Vladimir Putin used after taking Crimea. And there is no doubt about what he wants to do. He wants to restore the old Russian Empire. And right now he is getting no blow back. Right now what he has done after Crimea is getting a handful of people sanctioned and one bank. Now that -- how do you think that Vladimir Putin interprets that?

O'REILLY: I think he sees it as weakness. But, you know, he knows. He knows the state of the country and I think he knows that President Obama is not a confrontational man.

Listen, Senator, we really appreciate you taking the time. Weave know you are really busy. Thank you.

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