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Cavuto: Be careful making promises you can't keep

The president has a 'credibility problem'


Be careful making promises you can't keep. Pretty soon, folks stop believing anything you say.

Take the president, please!

Bad joke, I know.

But he's got a credibility problem.

Increasingly, folks have started tuning him out.

Even the TV networks, that used to offer up prime time coverage any time he just snapped his fingers.

Last week, turning him down flat when he wanted to crow about the latest health care enrollment numbers.

Maybe because even some of the mainstream media sycophants have had enough.

But what made this not for prime time moment so unusual, was that it wasn't over a supposedly defining event.

But doubts over the numbers supposedly defining it.

That's what happens when you keep telling people they can keep their doctor, and they can't.

After a while, they just can't take you seriously.

And they start questioning not only everything you say, but every number you report.

Like that 7.1 million enrollee figure. They had a feeling it wasn't right. Then lo and behold they discover, it isn't right.

That once you take out those who already had coverage, and those not technically paying for that coverage, that 7.1 million figure is millions off.

Then those same folks hear the administration bragging about another number something about 2 million illegals deported under this president's watch.

And they're just sensing something doesn't jibe.

And sure enough, it doesn't. That it includes a lot of folks rounded up right at the border trying to barge in and even counts some who've tried a dozen or more times coming in, then getting kicked out.

Then they hear an Arizona sheriff on this very show talk about how we're probably looking at a number closer to 150,000, not two million.

And those folks back home are saying alright we're going to split the difference but still conclude it's a number a whole lot less than the president's 2 million.

That's what happens when folks think you're lying. They think your numbers are lying too.

And no matter how many times you show those folks a spreadsheet.

They just think you're once again spreading the sheet.