Common Sense

Cavuto: Rooney, Pinette both 'defied' their types, labels

One was a very short actor.

The other a very fat comic.

The actor defied conventional wisdom that little guys couldn't be leading men.

The comic defied the notion fat guys could never be the next Jerry Seinfeld.

Until Mickey Rooney outlasted all the taller guys.

And John Pinette himself famously appeared in the very last "Seinfeld."

One was a star who became more famous for going through a lot of marriages.

The other, for going through a lot of midnight buffets.

Both had their demons.

One battled the drink.

The other? The donut.

But each delighted his fans, who didn't seem to care either way.

It was said of Rooney, that he got us through a Depression when he was just a kid.

It was said of Pinette, that he got us through getting fatter as a nation, by just kidding.

Both defied their body types.

Both defied their labels.

That's about as much as Mickey Rooney and John Pinette have in common.

After all, starring in "Blue Velvet" is a long way from praising "Blueberry Pancakes."

Save this. Both made you hungry for more.

And nothing hits home like the cold reality today. There will be no more.

Because both the little guy and the big guy are gone.

The dancer and the dieter. Dead.

Mickey Rooney dead at 93.

John Pinette gone at 50.

And fat chance we'll ever see such unconventional giants standing so tall at the same time, in the same universe anytime soon.