Former CIA Director grilled over Benghazi

Mike Morrell suspected of injecting politics into the Benghazi terror attack


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O'REILLY: "Impact" segment tonight yesterday former CIA big shot Mike Morell grilled by the House Intelligence Committee and he admitted he is responsible for injecting a false premise into the Benghazi murder scenario. You may remember American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three others killed by terrorists on 9/11/2012. But Morell tried to deflect attention away from the terrorist who committed the crime. Michele Bachmann called him on it.


BACHMANN: You made significant substantive changes for the White House. Whether it was on behalf, we don't know. But we know you are the one who made those changes.

MIKE MORELL, CIA: Ma'am, if you look at the record, what you will see is the changes I made were fully consistent with what our analysts believed at the time, period.


O'REILLY: That isn't a period. Not the analysts on the ground in Libya. They disagreed with what Morell did. Now, last night before all hell broke loose at Fort Hood, I talked with Congresswoman Bachmann.


O'REILLY: So, number one, did you think that Morell was telling the truth today?

BACHMANN: Well, the way that they usually do this is they tell segmented truths because Mr. Morell just said that he paid attention to what the analysts said. Translate that that means what the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. looked at. But that doesn't include what the eyewitnesses on the ground said happened. Their conclusion was 180 degrees different than bureaucrats sitting in Washington who are reading press accounts written by the Islamist press.

So of course you are going to come up with a certain conclusion if you only look up press accounts of the Islamist press. The eyewitnesses were completely different.

O'REILLY: He is trying to say and not trying, he said flat out look I said that it was a terror attack and I said there were elements of the videotaped demonstration involved with it because I was getting all kinds of information from all kinds of people. That's his story and as they say in every high school in America, he is sticking to it.

So we have to just -- let me frame the question though. Morell is not going to deviate from that story. That is his story until he goes into the grave. All right? I heard a whole bunch of things from a whole bunch of people and I incorporate that into the talking points I gave to the White House. Ok.

So, how can we advance the story past that?

BACHMANN: Well, what we know today is that various committees have done their work. They have completed their work. They have done a good job. They have done their investigation, but now what we need to do is take all of the component parts from Intel, from oversight, from all these committees and put it together. Because the American people need the broad overarching narrative story of what happened. There are still unanswered questions.

You tried to pin Leon Panetta the Defense Secretary down as to what he knew, when he knew it. We still don't have answers from Secretary of State Clinton or frankly from the President of the United States.

O'REILLY: Well I went to the President of the United States as you know.


O'REILLY: And I asked him if Panetta told him on the very day of the attack, September 11th. Did Leon Panetta tell you it was a terror attack? And President Obama would not answer the question. He wouldn't answer it. And Panetta I mean, we were chasing him around the country. He won't answer it.

However, I understand in Florida he did say that he did tell the President that. But even if that comes to light, even if Panetta tells president Obama it's a terror attack. The President is going to fall back on Morell. And he is going to say well then I asked Mike Morell and Mike Morell said well, there could have been this and there could have been that, Mr. President. So it seems to me that you're never going to nail down a sole villain here.

BACHMANN: Well the headline from today, Bill is that Morell took the fall for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. That's what this is. And it can't be lost on people that his current job is working for four individuals who started a consulting company. Three of whom are major Hillary supporters.

O'REILLY: He pointed that out, yes. Absolutely.

BACHMANN: One Philip Reigns is the gatekeeper for Hillary Clinton. So this is the narrative that if Hillary Clinton decides to run for president in 2016, this will be the narrative. And they will blame it on some bureaucrats at Langley here in America who came up with an inclusion that it was protesters.

So they will point to some underlings, rather than they had knowledge. Even the State Department during the attack, Bill, put out two cables that said they -- number one, they knew it was terrorism and number two, they knew that it could be Ansr al Sharia an al Qaeda affiliated group that it was perpetrated the attack.

O'REILLY: And then Morell took that out.

BACHMANN: So they knew.

O'REILLY: And Morell took that out.

BACHMANN: And Morell took it out. And so who is taking the fall? Morell is taking the fall for Hillary and for Barack Obama. That's today.

O'REILLY: In the meantime he's -- he's earning a nice salary at the consulting firm that works with Mrs. Clinton. All right you did a nice job today Congresswoman. You were tough and tenacious and I appreciate you coming on tonight.

BACHMANN: Thank you, Bill.

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