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Fort Hood Shooting Investigation: A look ahead

Four dead, including shooter, and 14 wounded, senior law enforcement official says, as investigators will look for motive


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a Fox News alert. Gunfire at the Fort Hood army post in Texas. At least one person is dead, 14 wounded. For the very latest, Fox News Correspondent Jennifer Griffin joins us. Jennifer.

JENNIFER GRIFFIN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Greta, the president has been following the evolving situation at Fort Hood, and he has just issued a statement saying that "we are heart-broken right now, that another shooting has taken place at Fort Hood, the site of that 2009 shooting." The details of what happened at the post earlier tonight we can't confirm from U.S. defense officials that there is at least one person dead, 14 wounded.

Base officials tell us and who you just spoke to, Greta, that it is believed that the shooter is dead but it is not clear how the shooter died. Again, about eight ambulances came through the front gates of the Fort Hood post, and they have been dealing with the casualties as we speak. They are still in lockdown. The Fort Hood web site is still saying this is not a test. Shelter in place. Keep your doors closed. So, it is still a very active situation. Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Jennifer, we are just hearing from senior law enforcement officials four total dead, three are victims, and one is shooter. That's from a senior law enforcement official confirming four total dead, three victims, one shooter. Terrible.

GRIFFIN: That does -- it is absolutely terrible and -- often in these situations you get these casualties figures and the death toll changes as we speak. And so, again, U.S. defense officials only confirming at this point that there was one dead, 14 wounded, but, as you said, law enforcement now raising that death toll to three.

VAN SUSTEREN: Jennifer, thank you. And we are back with the former FBI agent Christopher Voss and former homicide detective Ted Williams. Chris, you know as always Jennifer is right, the number can change, But three victims that just terrible it.

CHRISTOPHER VOSS, FORMER FBI AGENT: Yeah, It sounds like that there was more to this than just simple one soldier on one soldier for someone to go after and shoot and kill this many people, it's a lot more involved than simple one person on one person. It's a tremendous amount of anger whether it's intrapersonal anger or a larger agenda.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ted, what do you think? I mean, you're a former detective, I mean.

TED WILLIAMS, FORMER HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: Well, it's sad. What now has happened, a real investigation has to begin. First of all, I mean, they are going to try to establish a motive. I'm somewhat concerned that they immediately moved towards the fact that this wasn't terrorism. I'm not saying that it is, but I think that they should keep all options open. They are gonna have to do what I believe is a trace backwards. They need to find out who he is, what was the motive of this person, and what took place here.

VAN SUSTEREN: My guess is right now they are all over this guy's apartment, or woman's apartment if it's a woman who is the killer and all over looking through computers, combing the apartment, talking to neighbors, family members, I think they are way ahead the news, or at least I hope they are way ahead of the news, and going through every aspect of this person's background.

VOSS: At this point in time, they gonna have to be careful about going into an individual's apartment. Because you never know there's might not has been some sort of explosive devices in that apartment.