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Cavuto: ObamaCare enrollment figure just doesn't figure

Real enrollment number will shock you


Now we know and it's not even close.

That 7.1 million health care enrollee figure? It just doesn't figure.

I knew it at the time the president was rah-rah-ing in the Rose Garden, but couldn't prove it. I promised you I'd do a little digging and get back to you on it.

Well, I've finished digging. And I'm ready to report back. But it's a little involved. So you're all going to have to come back at 8 p.m. ET tonight on Fox Business -- where we know the difference between spreadsheets and politicians maybe spreading the sheet. Where we're all about calculators and adding numbers and adding numbers that don't add up to their numbers.

These aren't just slightly different numbers, folks. These are completely, in another universe, make your jaw drop numbers, folks.

For some reason the White House claims it couldn't get a lot of this data. Well, we found a way and some folks won't like what we've found. Particularly some folks at the White House who, I suspect, kind of knew all along, the numbers we're going to reveal tonight. They were sitting in front of them all along. Maybe they were sitting on them all along. Maybe hiding them all along.

There's so much I want to say, but maybe for now, I'll leave it at this -- that 7.1 million figure? It's off -- by millions.

The guy who helped me crunch them and then the Republican governor happy to let me crunch his. Because Bobby Jindal's got his own health care plan. A plan the president doesn't want you to know about. Because it's so much easier to say Republicans are all about repealing and not helping. All for tearing down, but never offering anything up.

God forbid the truth gets out and this sinks in. That some Republicans actually have plenty of alternative plans. It's just that Harry Reid doesn't take them up in the Senate and the mainstream media doesn't give them the time of day in their coverage.

Not here. Not tonight. Not FBN. The real ObamaCare enrollment number that will shock you and the Republican alternative plan that will surprise you. On the only network that takes the time to do basic math for you. FBN. 8 p.m.

You miss this? You might as well stick a syringe in your heart and end it all now. Because you're going nowhere.