Common Sense

Cavuto: It's time to raise taxes

An April Fools' Day fix


I was wrong.

I had hoped Republicans could muster something resembling a backbone and cut spending. And they couldn't. That the two parties might even take a stab at another grand bargain and at least restrain spending. And they didn't. So the dilemma persists: More money going out than coming in.

What to do? How to balance that out, so that more money isn't going out? Well, sadly it seems obvious, to me now: Get more money coming in.

And I'm afraid to say, my fellow Americans, that's going to mean raising taxes to make sure there's more money coming in -- ideally, on the rich, because they can afford it.

It's time they pay a little more for the abundant fruits of their labor, so let's do it.

Let's do this. I'm tired of waiting. Because I've taken a good look at these huge programs that I've been fond of ripping, talked about all the tax dollars they're hemorrhaging.

And while it seemed stunning to me that one in five Americans were on food stamps and one in three get some kind of food assistance sure enough, I found out that many truly deserved this aid. We really are that hard up.

I was callous to assume otherwise. More eager to cut a benefit than see the virtues of that benefit.

Now I'm sure there are other programs that do warrant trimming, but not enough that we'll ever get these budgets balancing.

Only more taxes will do that. Only more revenues will do that. Only demanding more of the most fortunate in this country will address the needs of the overwhelming majority in this country -- a majority that has rightly come to expect the government will look after them and should.

So I know this is going to tick a lot of you off, but hear me out. It's time a lot of you do the right thing and now. Paying a little more in taxes is a small price to pay for your country.

And if you're so selfish and so self-absorbed that you can't take it upon yourself to cough up more cash you're a fool.

And oh yeah, if you believe any of this you're an April fool.

April fool's!