By Bill O'Reilly

As the world waits for Putin to make his next move a possible invasion of Ukraine, President Obama's leadership position is becoming more precarious. A new Associated Press poll says 59 percent of Americans do not like the job the President is doing.

And a new Fox News poll breaks it down further. FNC asked registered voters to weigh in on three vital issues. First, healthcare: 40 percent approve of the President's performance on that; 57 percent disapprove.

Next the economy: 39 percent approve; 58 percent disapprove.

Finally, foreign policy: 37 percent approve, 53 percent disapprove. The rest don't know.

Putin knows. Mr. Obama is his main adversary and he understands the President is having trouble with the American public. Therefore, Putin is bolder and fresher, taking chances because he senses weakness. Putin also well understands the leaders of Europe are frightened of him.

For we Americans, the question now becomes what's going on? What's going wrong? Why is our nation in decline? "Talking Points" addressed that question directly on March 6th. The memo is posted on But tonight I can give you this. Equality is what is hurting President Obama. The left has seized that word "equality" to push its progressive agenda. We now have income equality, marriage equality, gender equality and on and on and on.

So instead of solving real problems the President is living in a world of theory and is shocked when someone like Putin upsets his idealistic vision. The truth is there will never be equality in this world that's impossible, an opium-laced dream.

I will never have equality with my fellow Irishman Shaquille O'Neal he is bigger and stronger than I am by nature. I will never be as smart as Einstein, as talented as Mozart or as kind as Mother Teresa. Each human being is born with abilities. But they are not equal abilities.

President Obama spent five years trying to social engineer this nation and convinced the world to act in harmony. In doing so he has neglected to fix the economy or setup effective deterrents to villains like Putin. As "Talking Points" stated last night, the only path -- the only path to social justice is building a strong country that can provide opportunities to its people. And economically, only the private sector can make that happen, the government cannot.

Mr. Obama has had five years to rebuild this nation from the economic collapse of 2008. He has not done so. And indeed we have become a weaker country on his watch. Most Americans know that and so do all the villains of the world.

And that's "The Memo."