Grapevine: Russia nabs Ukraine's elite army of dolphins

Seizes custody of sea mammals for Russian navy


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On Porpoise

Russia's incursion on Ukraine has put it in control of more than just Crimea.

It has also nabbed Ukraine's elite army of dolphins.

The Ukrainian navy has several highly trained dolphins used to defend ships, detect underwater weapons and divers, and find torpedoes lost in training drills.

They are housed in Crimea.

Well, the Russians have seized custody of the sea mammals, which they say are now members of the Russian navy.

Booze Bust

The University of Virginia student arrested by gun-wielding government agents who thought she had bought beer is now suing for $40 million.

20-year-old Elizabeth Daly had just left a grocery store last year when officers looking for minors buying alcohol swarmed her car with their guns drawn.

She didn't realize they were law enforcement and tried to get away, grazing two agents with her car.

She was arrested and when agents checked her bag, they found water and ice cream.

Charges were dropped and expunged from her record.

But this week, Daly filed a $40 million lawsuit against the state and the agents, alleging false arrest, malicious prosecution, and failure to train the agents.

Mother Nature Intervenes

Well, mother nature has intervened in a dispute over flowers planted at a Washington D.C. subway station.

You may recall, last spring, daffodils popped up outside the facility.

They were put there by a guy who calls himself the "Phantom Planter."

But when officials got wind of the touch of spring, they dug those flowers up, saying it was much too dangerous to water plants on that steep an incline.

Well, despite a brutal winter here, the daffodils survived underground, and -- as they are prone to do – started popping up at the first hint of spring.

The "Phantom Planter" is clearly enjoying the return of the flowers.

He tells the Grapevine, that metro's lack of gardening prowess allowed the blooms to return.

Quote -- "They don't know a morning glory from a marigold."