Grapevine: Painful governor's debate in Massachusetts

Candidate passes kidney stone during debate


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Notable Absence

There's a notable absence on CNN and Fortune Magazine's list of the World's 50 Greatest Leaders. 

Pope Francis tops the list. Angela Merkel, Warren Buffett, and Bill Clinton all make the cut.

So does Angelina Jolie -- noted for her humanitarian work.

And Derek Jeter, whose sterling reputation and role model status landed him at number 11.

So who doesn't crack the top 50? President Obama.

Fortune says, the president wasn't excluded -- quote -- "He simply didn't make this year's list of 50 outstanding individuals who have demonstrated rare leadership, leadership in multiple areas, or who have demonstrated a long history of leading."

Skirting the Scandal

Toronto's embattled Mayor Rob Ford generally avoided his drug and drinking scandal during the first debate of the mayoral campaign last night.

The other candidates passed on the chance to hammer the mayor on his crack cocaine use, alcohol abuse, and public outbursts, instead sticking to vague references to the mayor letting the city down.

Meanwhile, Ford sidestepped the only question he got about his drug use.


MAYOR ROB FORD, TORONTO: People have heard the story. It's rewind, rewind, rewind. People know my track record, and I'm the first one to say I'm not perfect.

OLIVIA CHOW, MAYORAL CANDIDATE, TORONTO: It's time to take down the circus tent at City Hall. Rob Ford has made Toronto an international embarrassment.


Who won the debate is unclear.

Many found none of the candidates worthy.

In fact, one Canadian journalist wrote -- quote -- "Barely capable of stringing a cogent sentence together, Ford seemed like the Great Communicator, if only by comparison."

Painful Debate

Speaking of debates that are painful one candidate passed a kidney stone during Tuesday night's Massachusetts governor's debate.

A spokesman for State Treasurer Steve Grossman says the Democrat was struggling with the stone all day but went on with the debate anyway.

Grossman's fortitude inspired a parody Twitter account -- @GrossmansStone. Quote -- "What a crazy ride!...I'm grateful I made it out."