Fortune's List of the World's Greatest Leaders

Mike Huckabee reacts to the names and whether they deserve a spot on the list


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O`REILLY: Thanks for staying with us. I`m Bill O`Reilly. In the "Impact Segment" tonight, the best leaders on Earth. Fortune Magazine has listed the top 50. And there are no American elected officials currently in office on the list, including President Obama. He`s not on the list.

President Clinton made the cut but, of course, he`s out of office. With us now to analyze six of the selections, Mike Huckabee.

You see his program Saturday night at 8:00 on FNC. All right, Pope Francis is --


O`REILLY: -- the number one best leader in the world. Do you concur.

HUCKABEE: I think that`s a great choice. Pope Francis has done a lot of things.


First of all, transforming the folks of the Catholic Church back to the people who were poor. I think he has done a remarkable job of reaching out to the untouchables of the world.

He has cleaned up the Vatican Bank. He has done the things that you say, "This is a world leader."

O`REILLY: A lot of people said to me, "Well, you know, in America, they don`t really know. But in the third world, he is revered already."


O`REILLY: Already. And donations to the poor --


-- are up about 25 percent since he took over the papacy. All right, so we don`t have any beef with --

HUCKABEE: None at all.

O`REILLY: -- Pope Francis.


O`REILLY: Now, I`ve got a big beef with number two -- Angela Merkel, the German chancellor.


You know, look, I understand she`s an effective politician, I get it. But I don`t think she`s a courageous woman and I don`t think she`s a leader. What say you.

HUCKABEE: Well, I think she has been a leader. In fact, in terms of what you have in Europe, you certainly don`t have any Francois Hollande, the socialist who found out that people weren`t all that fond of socialism once they saw --


-- what it was going to look like. I think that she has brought some stability to an otherwise struggling European economy.

She has been very forceful in speaking out when she finds issues with the United States. Maybe not number two, but she certainly deserves to be no less.

O`REILLY: You see, I disagree, because when she could have helped us in Afghanistan, she did not, OK. I thought that was appalling.


O`REILLY: That was appalling, all right. So the Germans sat it out. Number two, we protect Angela Merkel. We protect Germany.

The German Military doesn`t protect Germany, we do. So, we`re paying for Angela`s security. And number three on this Putin issue where she should have led? What is she doing.

HUCKABEE: Well, what is anybody going to do. Nobody is going to start --

O`REILLY: No, no, no, no. Let`s stick with number two, Angela Merkel. If she`s such a hotshot leader, what`s she doing to Putin.

HUCKABEE: Well, I think she`s doing what she`s doing for Germany. She doesn`t care what Putin does to the Ukraine.

O`REILLY: This is the world leadership. I don`t care about Germany.

HUCKABEE: I know, I`ve got all that. But she has brought, in a very unstable economic climate, she has brought some stability to our country.

She`s certainly not Greece, she is not France, she`s not the U.K., and she`s not, right now, the U.S.A.

O`REILLY: The governor and I disagree on Merkel. Bill Clinton is on the list. Now, I have mixed feelings about the former president.


You know him much better than I do, so your reaction to him on the list is?

HUCKABEE: I think he probably deserves it. Once again, leadership is not only what you do, it`s what you encourage other people to do.

Bill Clinton has encouraged an enormous number of CEOs to donate lots of money to HIV, AIDS research, to malaria.

O`REILLY: He`s a good fundraiser, no doubt about it.

HUCKABEE: He can shake people down with the best of them. He`s done it his whole adult life.

O`REILLY: Shake him down.

HUCKABEE: He`s good at it.

O`REILLY: OK, I don`t have any quibble with Mr. Clinton on the list because --


-- I do believe he`s a leader. But he has two big flaws. Number one, he doesn`t criticize his own party. And a true leader will, all right.

A true leader -- because Clinton knows how the Obama administration is screwing up. You know he knows.


O`REILLY: You know he knows.

HUCKABEE: He knows, he knows.

O`REILLY: But is he saying it.

HUCKABEE: No, not publicly.

O`REILLY: He`s not saying it.


O`REILLY: So, that`s not a leader. And, number two, Haiti, all right. Now, Haiti, I can`t tell you how many hundreds of millions of dollars --


O`REILLY: -- have been sent to that island. And it is worse now than it ever has been. And Bill Clinton was at the forefront of raising money for Haiti. And it is a disaster.

HUCKABEE: You can`t blame Bill Clinton as much as you have to look the fact that --

O`REILLY: He should be speaking out about it.

HUCKABEE: Well, he should. But there is a historic corruption in that --

O`REILLY: I got it.

HUCKABEE: -- country like Afghanistan. Nobody has ever been able to tame that wild beast.

O`REILLY: As you know, true leadership means going against the tide sometimes. All right, now we have Allan Mulally. You probably don`t know him but he`s the CEO of Ford.


And here is why he deserves to be on the list.


O`REILLY: When the recession kicked in, he and Ford did not ask for any bailout money, all right.


O`REILLY: They did it on their own. And, now, they`re the most prosperous American carmaker, correct.

HUCKABEE: He deserves to be in that list.

O`REILLY: He does.

HUCKABEE: He has turned the culture of Ford around. This year, all the 47,000 employees of Ford are going to get an $8,800 cost-sharing benefit --


-- because of the profits of Ford, over $8 billion in profits.

O`REILLY: This guy -- I`d like to see this guy in the next administration, whether it`s Republican or Democrat, be put in charge of the Treasury Department.

HUCKABEE: Absolutely. I mean, we put him in charge of anything he wants. And here`s what they should do. Just tell him, "You`ve got to do it. And if you don`t, we`re going to speak to Lois Lerner on you and on your taxes." That way, he`ll --

O`REILLY: All right, he doesn`t care. This guy is so rich. All right, now, we`ve got two celebrities who made the list. Bono, OK. Now, Bono, --

HUCKABEE: He absolutely deserves it, yes.


O`REILLY: -- he deserves it. I agree with the governor. But I wouldn`t have agreed three years ago.

Do you know what happened to Bono. Do you know what happened to the man.

HUCKABEE: Well, I`m aware of the ONE project because I`m a part of that. I`ve been working with him on that for the past six years. And, so I`m not sure what happened three years ago.

O`REILLY: Bono, up until three years ago, was giving money, "I`m going to help the poor," and he`s sending it to the poor nations.


Well, they`re stealing it. They`re stealing it. Bono wised up. And I`m not going to take credit for it but we did have a long conversation about it.


O`REILLY: All right. And I said, "You`re a good man but you are sending money to corrupt people who are stealing it."

Now, Bono is the big free marketplace guy. That`s his message now, "We`ll give you the money if you build infrastructure."

And that is the key to Bono. Finally, Angelina Jolie. I have no clue why this woman --


-- is on a leadership list. Do you.

HUCKABEE: Well, I think Angelina Jolie, as well as Brad Pitt, have done a lot in the area of human trafficking. They called attention to it. They`ve used their celebrity.

And I will say this about Angelina Jolie. Some people just show up for the photo ops, she actually goes, like Bono does, and does the work. And she has adopted children. I think that there is a legitimate --


-- sense of which she has shown true leadership and compassion.

O`REILLY: Here is my dissent. I do not believe Angelina Jolie is getting her message across as effectively as she could if she went on your program, my program, and everybody else`s program.

But that would devalue her movie star status. That makes me question this. So, the governor and I -- the governor is a much nicer guy than me and that`s why --

HUCKABEE: Everybody says that, Bill. I just want you to know.


O`REILLY: I thought you were going to say, "Everybody is a much nicer guy than you."


All right, Huckabee. And the governor wants you to know about this great deal. He has produced a DVD called Easter in America. And you get it free, free -- -- So, please check it out.

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