Off the Record

Greta: Michelle Obama should give interviews on China trip

'Off the Record', 3/21/14: The first lady can't have it both ways - ask for taxpayers to pay for her trip and not be transparent


By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record" for just a minute, tonight. Lots of criticism of the first lady, even from the "New York Times." Why? Well, Mrs. Obama and her mother and daughters are traveling in China. And the first lady is refusing to the interviews for the American media - that's wrong.

Taxpayers are paying for this trip, 100 percent of it. So, she should tell us what she is doing and why in an interview - that's called transparency.

Now, if the first lady doesn't want to talk to the media, then I don't blame her, but she has a choice. She can make this a private trip - a personal vacation - but she must do what all first families do for those private personal vacation trips. Hey, not pay 100 percent but pay the required first family portion of the trip out of her own pocket. But if she does not want to pay herself, she needs to do interviews, it's that simple.

Now, we have traveled to the Middle East with former first lady Laura Bush about breast cancer awareness. Mrs. Bush did multiple interviews, so, the American people knew what she was doing on their dime. Mrs. Obama is a Harvard-educated lawyer, so I'm sure she can handle an interview. Bottom line, she is trying to have it both ways. She requiring taxpayers to pay 100 percent of the trip, but she won't let us ask her what she is doing. Now, that's just simply messed up. And that's my "Off The Record" comment tonight.