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Cavuto: Who told Republicans to not be Republicans?

GOP forgetting who it is


So 53 percent of Americans disapprove of ObamaCare.

But is it me or Republicans behaving like it's a 100 percent?

Because I don't know about you, but hanging your election hat on 53 percent seems dicey to me.

I'm not saying ObamaCare won't be and shouldn't be an issue.

But stopping action on any other issue in the meantime looks pretty stupid.

Look, I was the first to say this Affordable Care Act wasn't affordable and the promises behind it were just an act.

But this Republican act of sitting on the ball and running out the clock, hoping it paves the way to an easy win in November?

Stupid. Beyond stupid.

Leaving aside Republicans have consistently grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory.

What makes them think this is a winning strategy? Seizing on 53 percent not liking a law, and then laying down the law for party members.

It's healthcare. Only healthcare.

Who told them abandoning their principles was key to winning back control?

Who told the Tea Partiers to shut up simply because they wanted to keep forcing spending down?

Who told the conservatives who were passionate about controlling benefits that it wasn't to the party's benefit to try?

Who told the Grand Old Party to give up its grand old soul?

Who told them to let the spending go?

To hike the debt ceiling one more time?

To pass on reining in entitlement spending for an umpteenth time?

Who told them this was not the time to fight? This was the time to sit tight?

Who told Republicans to not be Republicans? To not stand on principle, but to keep compromising those principles?

Who told Republicans that it's better to be Democrat-lite than even think of putting up a fight.

Who told them that voters admire this? And will stand for this? And will not be confused by this? And in the end, will reward this?

Who told them that? What makes them think that?

The danger with a two-party system is when one of the parties forgets who it is because it can't even remember what it was.

Because I don't know if Republicans have noticed. But Democrats keep changing that healthcare law. Keep moving deadlines on that healthcare law. Keep rearranging things to put off for years the real pain of that healthcare law

They're buying time.

And Republicans?

You're losing time.