Grapevine: Speculation replacing hard facts at CNN?

Anchor Don Lemon mulls 'supernatural' explanations for Flight 370's disappearance


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Global Intrigue

The mystery of how a jumbo jet can simply disappear has stumped experts and laymen alike-- but as interest in the case grows-- more speculation has been replacing hard facts in news coverage. 

Earlier this week, CNN anchor Don Lemon brought up the theory-- that something quote- "supernatural" could be at play.
Many criticized Lemon-- but that didn't deter him.

Last night-- a new theory to explore: the plane was swallowed up-- by a black hole.


Don Lemon: A lot of people have been asking me about black holes, and on and on and on and all of these conspiracy theories. Let's look at this... uhh Noha says "what else can you think about? Black hole? Bermuda triangle?" And then Deji says "huh? Just like the movie Lost." And then of course it's also. They're also referencing the Twilight Zone, which is a very similar plot. That's what people are saying. I know it's preposterous. But is it preposterous do you think, Mary? 

Mary Schiavo: A small black hole would suck in our entire universe, so we know it's not that.


In case there was any doubt -- Mary Schiavo -- the former inspector general for the Department of Transportation -- also ruled out the Bermuda Triangle and "Lost"-- a fictional TV show-- as possible explanations.

Out of Order

A multi-million dollar stimulus project that was supposed to save money for a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Saint Cloud Minnesota remains out of order-- three years after it was scheduled to be up and running.

In 2009 the White House announced grants for a two-point-three million dollar wind turbine expected to cut electric bills at the VA by 15 percent.

Watchdog.org reports despite a projected 2011 completion date-- the turbine still doesn't work-- and right now, no one is doing anything to fix it.

A VA spokesman says they are embarrassed the turbine doesn't work.

Green Is the New Red

And finally-- green is the new red this Spring-- when it comes to grading tests.

The Cornishman reports teachers at Mounts Bay Academy in the United Kingdom have been told to throw out their red pens-- because red is a quote "very negative color."

Instead-- they will grade in green-- and leave positive comments as they go.

This is not the first school to ban red-- to spare students' feelings over harsh markings.
But an education expert tells the newspaper students actually prefer red ink-- because it is easier to read.