Common Sense

Cavuto: Shouldn't have thrown out those old maps

You don't always need an army to take over


Someone call Rand McNally. Because it's time to draw another map.

Crimea is now part of Russia again.

I told you, you shouldn't have thrown out those old maps!

With the stroke of a pen. Vladimir Putin announcing Crimea is no longer part of Ukraine.

Moved over. Move on.

Despite all the sharp words.

All decided with the swipe of a sharpie.

Russia's sharpie. Re-drawn. Re-done. Now just done.

National Geographic's already out with a new map of the region.

What amazes me about this whole thing isn't how quickly it happened.

But how easily it happened.

Despite all the talk.

All the sanctions.

All the dire consequences.

Here's the consequence.

One country just got bigger.

Another just got smaller.

It's as if Putin just called all the world's map-makers and said, "see my map?"

"Make it your map."

And they did. They are.

Because it's done. So deal.

And here's the amazing thing.

And a message to all you future power-hungry nuts out there.

You don't always need an army to take over the world.

Sometimes, all you need are sharp elbows and a sharpie.

And you're not only making new maps.

You're making history.

No wonder Putin's feeling cocky.

I hear he's got lots more sharpies.