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Cavuto: They can't keep us down for long

Try as they might, the signal always comes back


Sun spots or just spotty?

Inquiring viewers want to know?

What's with the consistent blackouts of my show at around 4 : 15 p.m., each day, every day for the last few days?

It keeps happening, and a lot of you keep emailing.

Di B. via Yahoo.

"Why is it that every one of your shows blacks out for several minutes? What is happening?"

Heather in Jacksonville, Fla.

"If you're saying unusual sun spot activity keeps taking out your show for a few minutes every day, how is it possible no other show or network is similarly affected? Are you telling me god's a liberal?"

Virginia H. Ellenboro, N.C.

"Neil, don't believe that sunspots took out my Cavuto on two days this week... Impossible that this isn't a plan."

Jason in Eugene, Ore.

"Normally my state would black out all of Fox News. But just your show. For just a few minutes. And no one else's? I ain't buyin' it, Cavuto. Be paranoid. They are after you."

Jimmie C. via Hotmail.

"For the past week, we've lost Fox News at the exact same time between 4 : 25 and 4 : 30. It's off for about five minutes, no other stations are lost. Just Fox News. Liberals at work?"

Kathy via Netsync.

"I watch your show daily and lose the cable signal everyday. What is going on with that?"

Tex N., San Clemente, Calif.

"Same thing again today, Neil, and at the same time. You cut out just into the airline ticket tax interview. Finally got the signal back in the midst of the UPS commercial."

Bill and Cindy T., Spring Lake, N.J.

"We've actually begun to chart when your show cuts out. It doesn't matter the guest or the segment, but usually when you're getting angry at someone. Then it comes back on and you're calm again, like an alien has taken over your body. Are you ok? Neil? Please tell us you're ok?"

I'm ok, guys, but clearly these constant disruptions are not. As I've reported, the official explanation is this sunspot activity that I'm told occurs at almost the exact same time every day, and I'm also told, will last another week or so. But again, no guarantees. And still no answers as to why other shows aren't similarly affected.

I can only think there are two possibilities.

One. God truly hates me, which I'm not buying, because as you know, I'm a financial super hero, looking after those evil spenders in Washington.

Or two some of those spenders in Washington don't like me and are making darn sure you don't hear from me.

Well, try as they might, the signal always come back, because they can't keep us down for long.

But rest assured, America. try as they also might they can't crack my impenetrable Fox Business Network defenses.

Because spots here. But spotless there.

You heard me right. My Fox Business show goes off without a technical hitch each night, every night, no matter how many times we air at night these days, kind of like the Delta Shuttle at 6 p.m, and 8 p.m., and 11 p.m.

No sun spots. Nothing spotty. Just 60 minutes of unadulterated, un-tampered, un-interrupted, un-jinxed joy.

FBN because not even the sun can burn out our fire.