Another setback for ObamaCare

Lou Dobbs weighs in


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INGRAHAM: In the "Lou's the Boss Segment" tonight, another setback for Obamacare. This week the President took a new approach in his effort to sell his healthcare law.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You don't punish me by not signing up for healthcare. You're punishing yourself or your family if, in fact, there is affordable healthcare there to be had and subsidies and tax credits that allow you to have the peace of mind and security and regular checkups and preventative care that will keep you healthier. That's not a matter of trusting me that's a matter of looking for yourself and see if you can get the services.


INGRAHAM: But it doesn't look like Americans are buying. According to a new study by the consulting firm MacKenzie and Company as of last month only one in 10 uninsured people who qualify for private plans through Obamacare exchanges had enrolled. The biggest reason why? Those Americans believe they can't afford it, according to the study.

Joining me now to analyze all of this Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs, you can see him on FBN at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Lou, coming up to this April 1st --



INGRAHAM: -- Obamacare deadline and it seems like every day the stories get worse. But that one in ten figure was really disturbing.

DOBBS: It is disturbing. And when we look at the numbers, the Obama administration is suggesting that they now have four million people who have enrolled in Obamacare. We don't even know if that number is accurate.

But one in 10 as MacKenzie says being uninsured means that this country is on -- on its way under Obamacare to spending almost $2 trillion to enroll what by the end of the decade should be somewhere around five to six million of the 50 million people the President used to talk about is being uninsured.

This is a -- this is a law that has been written disastrously. It's been implemented disastrously and the -- its effectiveness is not only suspect.

But it is -- it is absolutely horrific and it's not an ideological statement. I mean we're looking simply at the empirical evidence provided by MacKenzie --



DOBBS: -- whether it be by CMS, whether it be by Health and Human Services which didn't even know what it was doing.

INGRAHAM: And Lou -- yes Lou, 27 percent only and according to this MacKenzie study of the respondents who had signed up for Obamacare were previously uninsured. So that means -- and that's up from 11 percent the month before. But as a -- I think Bloomberg and so forth points out that's a paltry number. And then it goes on to say look most of the people who aren't signing up simply are not convinced that this is good for them.

So after all of the money they've spent, after all the celebrities who've weighed in and all the public education campaigns, all the huffing and puffing by Obama and Pelosi.


DOBBS: A billion dollars in advertising.


DOBBS: Almost a billion dollars.

INGRAHAM: And look at the taxpayer money, Lou, that we don't have, frankly and the people don't want it if that is -- I mean that's not enough to say gee, we have to do something different. This is not working well it's an insult to the American people.

DOBBS: The Republicans continue to focus on the failure of Obamacare. But I truly believe that the Republicans said nothing at all. This train wreck as Senator Max Baucus one of the law's authors said early on, if this train wreck continues to worsen as it does every month, no one would have to say a word if the national liberal media would focus honestly on what is happening here. What is happening here is utterly -- utterly a train wreck. And no one is talking about fixing it that's this president's responsibility, Laura. It's not the Republican's.

INGRAHAM: Right govern for the people, for the people.

DOBBS: It's the Democratic Party. Only Democrats, only this President pushed.

INGRAHAM: They own it.

DOBBS: Pushed and voted for Obamacare.

INGRAHAM: Yes they own it. So and this is where it was really good for the Republicans to be, quote, "obstructionists", Lou. You know they run are away with that term. But I would run with that term. And I said you better believe we tried to obstruct what, according to the new Fox News poll shows that 49 percent of respondents describe Obamacare the emotions about Obamacare is pessimistic, the next is scared, angry. Still 40 percent Lou, 40 percent say they are optimistic about Obamacare. A lot of those people are Democrats.

DOBBS: And -- and I think it's very important for everyone to understand that as we talk about who is you know who is uninsured. What percent and so forth, the reality is we don't know for sure if any of these numbers are correct. We don't know whether or not the surveys and the studies of this are correct because the basic information held by the Department of Health and Human Services is not being shared.

We today do not know how many people are actually enrolled and have paid their first month premium to be in Obamacare. And that's the reason it was created. So that we would be able to provide that insurance.

INGRAHAM: Yes and Lou we only pay for all of this. Why should we know anything? Come on, that's transparency. We only promised that Lou, thanks so much great to see you.

DOBBS: Thank you. Great to see you Laura.

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