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Bill O'Reilly: Dealing with the villain Putin

Talking Points 3/4


By Bill O'Reilly

So far it's been all talk, no action -- politicians in the USA and Western Europe all condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine but doing little else. The Russian dictator himself smirking at the world and testing the will of the Western powers, Putin clearly believing that Europe will back down, isolating President Obama and the USA.

And he could be right. The British media reporting that the U.K. government will not, will not curb trade with Russia or even impose sanctions against Putin. It that's true Putin wins. As far as France is concerned they want to have quote "mediation". That will frighten Old Vlad, won't it?

Germany says that Putin is living in another world. But since Russia is Germany's biggest supplier of energy, Putin can live in any world he wants to live in. Once again the Germans will likely fold. The Italian government wants to quote "suspend the preparations for the G8 summit in Russia set to be held in June. Not suspend the summit, suspend preparations.

So you can see that Putin is having a grand old time violating international law and watching the Western powers kneel.

Today in Ukraine Secretary of State Kerry put forth more rhetoric.


JOHN KERRY, SECRETARY OF STATE: The Russian government, out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation and provocations. In the hearts of Ukrainians and the eyes of the world there is nothing strong about what Russia is doing.


O'REILLY: He has to read that -- Kerry has to read that off the paper, you know. Talk from the heart Mr. Secretary. Now in way you have got to hand it to Putin. He knows the West is weak. He knows President Obama will most likely not be able to rally the European nations against him.

In short Putin knows he can pretty much do what he wants to do and he is enjoying the spectacle -- a lot of attention on that narcissist.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO is supposed to be the bull work against Russian oppression. USA funds 22 percent of NATO's military budget far more than any other nation. In Afghanistan America's supplying 64 percent of NATO troops so without us NATO does not exist but with us NATO pretty much does not exist because it's powerless as European governments time after time back away from confronting illegal international behavior. I hate to use the cliche but the Ukraine situation -- same old same old. And Putin knows it.

And that's "The Memo."