Grapevine: Fashion makeover for one congressman

GQ offers help to Colorado lawmaker


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

There's a Code for That

If you ever get hurt because your water skis catch fire, you're in luck. Doctors will know exactly how to classify your injuries.

A new and vastly expanded list of codes for classifying injuries and medical diagnoses goes into effect later this year and it accounts for every possible situation even ones that are highly improbable.

Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard, and of course a Fox News contributor, reports the current list of 17,000 codes is set to balloon to 155,000 codes -- possible scenarios including being run over by a wheelchair, suicide by jellyfish, injury during spacecraft landing, and being crushed by a crocodile.

Proponents say the new codes are necessary to standardize an obsolete system.

But doctors worry it is so complicated that it will take more time away from patients at a time when implementing ObamaCare is already putting a strain on the health care system.

Fashion Intervention

A congressman's wardrobe choices on the House floor last week prompted a fashion intervention from GQ magazine.

Colorado Democrat Jared Polis' outfit of choice -- it appears -- is a sport coat with a bowtie and a polo shirt.

A spokesman tells the Grapevine, Congressman Polis strives for a look that embodies the creativity of his district, while respecting the decorum of the House floor.

After Twitter users were critical of his ensembles, GQ reached out to the congressman, offering a fashion makeover.

Congressman Polis has accepted he says he is open to suggestions, his look is -- quote -- "evolving."

By Any Other Name

And finally, unfortunate name confusion in a report about last night's Academy Awards.

The Guardian accidentally reported that the famous star-studded selfie that host Ellen Degeneres coordinated was taken by Bradley Manning.

Of course, it was actually Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper and not the convicted WikiLeaker who now goes by Chelsea.

The Guardian quickly posted a correction.